Not even close. I just wanted to thank you for this great opportunity. I can honestly say I feel like I can capture the world and become anything I put my mind to. I am truly blessed to be in control of my entire mind. What I learned from 20x was the strength you have working as a team. Over the course of the hours myself and the other 26 participants were pushed to our limits, but with the great coaching we learned to support each other and work together.

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Upon first hearing the name: 8 weeks to SealFit, I was a bit intimidated. At the time when I started 8 weeks to SealFit a few years back, I had actually fallen off of my diet and workout routine for a few months. I decided to look for a new program to follow that was NOT my own.

I stayed up and read through the entire book once, before starting it again over the weekend reading a little bit more each night to better absorb the lesson.

From a read, it turned into one of the hardest workout programs I would have ever done. I am so grateful that I did, as I got into excellent shape, and it opened my eyes to an entire differently style and structure of training. The Program. The Program itself is 5 days per week, and each session is mixed up between a warm up, cardiovascular training, weight training, durability training, nutrition and breath work.

Rather than focusing on just looks, muscle, flexibility, or cardio- 8 Weeks to SealFit takes everything into account and helps you find balance in all areas. The program is also very progressive. It starts out slow enough, so anyone can start the program, no matter their fitness level.

Workout by workout, the intensity ramps up slightly to where months later, you will be doing exercise routines that you would have never imagined you would be doing. Almost every day consists of functional fitness workouts that get you in all around great shape. The best way I can describe the style of workout is a blend between traditional cardio, Crossfit, yoga, and Strength Training The Results My results were fantastic for what I was looking for.

I actually got into the best overall shape of my life conditioning wise. My endurance and energy were absolutely the best they have ever been. As an unexpected benefit, my confidence and level of energy were really high, as I think this was due to knowing how in shape I actually was, and what I have accomplished.

I got used to comparing my most recent workout to previous workouts and comparing how well I performed each one. When you track progress like that, it is FAR more motivating than watching the scale. Perhaps the BEST part, was that the program was completely different every single day. It felt like going into a mission that sounded a bit intimidating, but gave you something very specific to accomplish.


8 Weeks to SEALFIT


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Review: 8 Weeks to SealFit Program




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