Part Attributes Interchange Our Top Quality Remanufactured Transmissions include the following: A remanufactured and improved torque converter is included with every transmission. To eliminate the possibility of front seal leaks, vibration, and premature bushing wear, all torque converters are tested for leaks, lock-up, concentricity, and balance. Every fully remanufactured valve body, with complete system correction and recalibration kit, is tested independently. All wear-prone valves are restored to stringent specifications and vacuum tested to confirm proper function. Each remanufactured transmission is hot, cold, load, and simulated road tested using our proprietary CARS Computer-Aided Road Simulation dynamometer program.

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I have recently replaced my 4afe motor with a salvaged one. My al transmission was in good shape when the old motor went out and the mating of the new motor to transmission went pretty smooth. I never took the torque converter out and did not unplug any of the wiring harness from the transmission.

When the new motor fired up I took it for a test drive and everything worked great so I parked it in my driveway for about three hours then went to take it out and there is absolutely no response in any gear, the car dose not even try to move. I checked the oil and it was unusually high so I thought the torque converter may have drained into the pan somehow. I have now pulled the pan to check the oil pickup and filter and everything looks fine besides a very small amount of metallic particles.

Nothing worse than I have seen in working transmissions I have checked all my fuses, tv cable, shift linkage and do not know what else to look for.

The only thing I can think is something I did during the mating process. Please help! Anything is appreciated.


a132l transmission

I have since pulled the engine and separated the transaxle from engine, inspected the torque converter, and believe it may be a torque converter problem. I pulled over and had limited power with noise in all shift positions except park and neutral. The noise was present even while not moving and in gear. At no time while pulling the car did I exceed 10mph.


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