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Start your review of Abafi Write a review Shelves: fiction , historical-fiction I only read this book because Nikola Tesla said in his autobiography: "This work somehow awakened my dormant powers of will and I began to practice self-control. At first my resolutions faded like snow in April, but in a little while I conquered my weakness and felt a pleasure I never knew before - that of doing as I willed.

So, I have decided to take the quotes from the book that most likely inspired Tesla to begin practicing self-control to save others from having to slog through the novel to find them. Here they are: Foreword: "I give you, the reader, a picture of a soul. Its intentions are serious and it shows that, with a strong will, every evil can be beaten. The road of perfection is hard, there are many setbacks to the bad things we are used to; but the greatness of the soul will win if it is able to want it.

It was a half a year ago that the three months have passed, and he kept his word. What made him keep it is hard to understand, but from a psychological point of view, it is reasonable. We have seen his way of thinking; that he has seen the consequences of his acts. We also know, that he was noble and proud, but his decision was not because of pride.

It was more likely because he wanted to go against the ones who said he was not able to practice abstinence. He asked his henchmen often for wine.

They brought it to him and sometimes he almost drank it, but then remembered the face of the man who called him a drunk and pushed the drink away.

He spent the nights with a priest and argued with his servants. Everything bored him and he was drawn to his vices, but he had tremendous strength. This strength helped him to keep his word, down to the smallest details. A few days later Abafi started to change.

He slept better, after all the nights he spent being awake with a messy life, and his body healed slowly. He started to feel lighter and happier. He woke up with more joy and his life seemed less boring.

He was almost surprised how his life was happier and stronger this way. He vowed not to ride a horse, not to hunt, and some other nobler actions which provided joy to him before. Time started to feel empty and long for the healing and strong young man.

He started looking after his fields, firstly because of boredom, later with more and more enthusiasm, which he could not unfold. But its root is east to find for someone who understands this process. The way Abafi became a better man is interesting for everyone. But, for him, it was a goal. He decided to achieve greatness. He sunk down back to his former life several times for a little while, and his will was not always there to stop him.

As long as the regret of such actions hurt him very little, it was hard to resist them. But since his heart reacted strongly, his feelings got deeper and he felt stronger remorse He decided not to leave this path again, and that he would despise everything wrong from this point on. He felt that he was strong enough to do so and kept his vows. He trained his soul as well as he trained his body.

At these times, Abafi was already considered to be among the most interesting young men in Transylvania, and how people treated him after his change just convinced him more that this was the way he had to take and follow. Make a decision to refrain from evil and to do good. Foresee the consequences of your actions.

Keep those in mind who say that you cannot do it; keep them in mind when you are tempted to do an action that you do not want to do. Tesla wrote about this in his autobiography when his mother found out about his gambling addiction; seeing his mother hurt by his actions immediately brought his gambling addiction to an end. The results from doing practicing power of will will take time to come, but they are worth it in the end. Doing practicing power of will requires training.

This may seem superficial, but its actually quite profound. I make a decision to not eat them, and whenever I come across them at the store I think about how I will feel after I eat them.


Abafi (1854)

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