Is thsi apporcoh good lr den rc den va in quant di If needed discuss your doubts with a faculty member. Can the question paper be uploaded? In the earlier stages, when you are practising — do not focus on time, take as much time as you want but understand the central idea and get most R. Sir, my aimcat percentiles are as follows: Please contact your center on this.

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So pls practice from the T. Plz reply Sir, what should I do on a daily basis in english??. In quant i could only reach q. It will be helpful if some key differences are known between Logical Reasoning asked in cat and Decision Making asked in xat?

Repeating my questions as to why have this chat without the results and why take so long to release the key. What should I do? What do you think about this course? Try to analyze and figure what sort of mistakes you are commiting are they silly mistakes calculation based or conceptual errors.

Perhaps you are putting too much pressure on yourself. A similar question has been ans,plz check. Though I have not applied at all. I have asked this because now I have left the job so that I can devout my full time to CAT Sir now I dont have patience to do it for another 1. So do one or two LR caselets, then some para-jumbles or Fill in the blank questions,then come to R.

What should I do to improve in the 2 months left. Whole day is not required. Looking at my performances, what are your inferences and how should I proceed? The actual key and original solution considered for evaluation of results were both correct and had no issues whatsoever. What approach shold i follow to prepare vocab the best way?

While the chapters will be completed in the class, you can try to finish the chapters which you are comfortable with so that it becomes easier. Read for 1 hour from sources like www. What was a reasonable score in this paper? Sir, my results are better when i give Mocks in paper format.

Wimcat for the question but I need your genuine advice. Sir what is the ideal time for writing CAT in the provided time window? If inerested in more options, then take iift,irma,tiss,mat and nmat choose based on your interest. IIM I-Dubai course is doing pretty well though. Will you help m catching the accurate strategy. I have finished both SM booklets. All the IIMs have not revealed the criteria, keep checking http: No ideally you should do atleast one or two Aimcah.

Sir, sometyms aimcats r damn demotivating. If you start analysing the questions from the aimcats, you will inevitably improve in the subsequent aimcats. Plz contact local t. Is it true that the difficulty of cat increases over the course of the test window? Even if they did, the crowd may not have gotten dumber Hi, I am not able to go through all the questions of section 1?

A similar question has already been answered, please check the chat transcript. Madhapur and other centres. The difference is called pressure! Sir,how to make selection of question in QADI? However,I have resigned from my job recently. See if you have been getting stuck in Qs for long time. You need to concentrate on word usage as well as grammar mistakes like article errors, pronoun and preposition errors in such sentences.

When checking the type of error, follow the foll. Just practice enough so that you get used to being tired: Sir, can you please tell me how to improve the verbal ability ajmcat I done SM22 till ex Most Related.



Shasho It will be declared in a akmcat or so. I have gone through its fee structure. Make sure you thoroughly understand the concept behind a question before you move on to the next. From where i could get answers for aimcat to evaluate my performance now CAT does not give standard models.



Available for Web use PayOnce licensed The license has no time limit and does not need to. Florence say my name acapella Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood p Fill the void english subtitles Aimcat pdf Why do we fall extended Dragon ball af toyble Aimcag kotta remix Eee pc audio driver. The latest stable version at this time for Kamailio is 3. Ed harcourt hanging with the wrong crowd Hanging with the Wrong Crowd Lyrics: Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial or book? Yes it seems very powerful. Its a Hostage rescue map and has 52 spawns 26 for each team. We Design we designed this website for those who often download pdf files from the internet.


Jurr But the thing is that I want to fill all the options. Sir, can you please tell me how to improve the verbal ability section? It will not be a deterring factor at all. Do not give up.

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