The girl sees a magnificent garden and a twisting road leading Alice at the ripe old age of seven and a half is still bored , as she plays with her adorable black and white kittens, yet she needs something better, again ignored by her older sister The girl sees a magnificent garden and a twisting road leading there Nevertheless she ends back were she started disoriented, perplexed, downright anxious. Welcome to the fantastic world on the other side of the mirror, the fast traveling Red Queen not to be confused with the Queen of Hearts tells the little girl she too can become a queen if

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Oh, Kitty, que bom seria atravessar para dentro da Casa do Espelho! Eis o grande paradoxo. Crossing the looking glass is probably the most enigmatic development on the book. What is at last the other side of the mirror?

What happens with the reflected image of Alice during the crossing? Adriana Peliano Jogo entre o monstro e seus inversos. Em bate, em corpo, em verso. Garra que agarra, bocarra que urra! Foge da ave Felfel, meu filho, e corre Do frumioso Babassura! E ei-lo que volta todo prosa! Um, dois! Oh dia fremular! Era briluz. As lesmolisas touvas Roldavam e relviam nos gramilvos. Estavam mimsicais as pintalouvas E os momirratos davam grilvos. One, two! And throygh and through The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

Chapter 2: The garden of Live Flowers Rose, Daisie, Violet and Tiger-lily, in calices of glass, composing the geometrical garden, in a game of looking glass reflections. Logo em seguida as duas partiram em disparada, que dizer, em movimento alicinado. Mais depressa! Terminado o lance, exausta e perplexa, Alice percebeu que elas ainda estavam no mesmo lugar. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that. Alice ultrapassa de trem a terceira casa do tabuleiro.

Entrem logo no trem! Tantas Alices, tantos espelhos e pontos de vista. One man dresses in paper, one beetle and one goat are sitting close to her. The girl in the railway: My first sermon of Millais.

Head was a slang to stamp. He explains to Alice about the wood where things have no names. Quando diz que Dee faz que Dum. Quando diz que Dum faz que Dee. Given hands or pointing to the opposite directions, gloves. Always walking together, steps to dance, shoes. The first paradox of a dream in another dream, in an infinite regress Alice riu.

The first to say that she was years old and after that to become a sheep owner of the mysterious shop. Can You believe? Tabuleiro de uma linguagem que segue a sua lei, mestre do nonsense.

De qualquer forma ele oferecia um bom emprego para as palavras, que trabalhavam para ele. Chapter 6: Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty sits on the wall, boss of the nonsense game. The letters are on the wall waiting for their payment. Eu o alimento com Envia e recebe cartas com duplo valor da palavra. Jogos de palavras e de sentidos. From the left is coming the messenger Haigha. Like a game of words the messenger offers to the King foods beginning with H, as ham sandwiches or hay.

Over a board of a crossing words game, which indicates double value to letters and words, the messenger gives letters to the King. Mas o som dos tambores que os expulsa ecoa. One Pound ou One Round? Que barulho fazem quando caem! O outro lado do espelho reflete dois ilustres cavalheiros: Lewis Carroll e John Tenniel, autor e ilustrador de Alice.

A combat geometrically designed as a game of reflections and inversion. In the end of the combat both them fels upside down. The White Knight says good-bye to Alice who is going to become a Queen and Lewis Carroll says good-bye to Alice who is going to be a woman. Coroada por Tenniel. Despedida de Carroll. Queen Alice. Uma Alice? The white pown Alice reaches the eighth square and becomes a Queen.

Game of mirror reflexions between art and life. Alice voltou-se, pronta para queixar-se de todo mundo. Depois aproximou-se e esfregou-a com o polegar, como querendo saber se a pintura largava. Beijar a porta ou bater no sapo? When Alice decides to enter, one frog appears in the center. Knock on the door and kiss the frog or kiss the door and beat the frog?

Chapter Shaking Chapter Waking "She took her off the table as she spoke, and shook her back-wards and forwards with all her might. The red Queen made no resistance whatever; only her face grew very small Em que sentido, em que sentido? Nos dois sentidos ao mesmo tempo. Chapter Who dreamed it?

In the end of the book, on her own side of the looking glass, Alice thougth about who had dreamt all her adventures. Paradoxical question. Did Alice dream with the King dreaming with her dreaming with him? Or the opposite? Wich way? Probably both. Postado por.


Alice Através do Espelho



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