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Page 2 Phasing Adjustable torque limiter clutch on fast shaft. The wheels must be appropriate to the type of slides used. Page 5 The wheels must match the guide profile and must be in good condition. Aprimatic supplies different types of wheels; the sizes and relative capacities are indicated in figure B3.

When choosing the wheels, apart from the bearing, it must be considered that greater is the diameter, better is the sliding movement of the gates. Page 7 With wooden gates, it is better to use the plastic rack by verifying the good conditions of the wood in the fixing points.

In some areas where heavy snow occurs or there are flooding risks the geared-motor can be placed at a height of cm. Page 9 A description is also given of the typical layout that must be controlled when the site is inspected see also fig.

C11 for the layout and the positioning of the rack. ATTENTION It is essential that, when the site is inspected, the installer makes sure that there is sufficient room near the gate for the layouts illustrated in the drawings. The geared-motor must be correctly aligned with the gate guide, at the correct distance from the gate, at the right depth, and the electric cable passage bore in the correct position C2. Foundation plate positioning Execute a hole for the fitting of the cables for 30 mm diameter tubes MAX.

Page Refer to them when mounting the cover see D8 page Page 13 The A measurement depends on the type of pinion and the type of rack used see tables in C It is simple to install without the need of welding. Fitting: The plastic rack is normally fixed to the gate with screws. Four self-tapping screws for each piece are provided in the kit which are fitted as in C It is advisable to weld the entire circumference. Page 16 C 19 Spirit level C 20 Rest the first rack section on the geared-motor pinion and move the spacers in contact with the gate until the first hole complete with screw and spacer is lined up with the vertical axis of the pinion C19 , then fix the spacer to the gate with a spot weld.

Page Electric Connections D1. The T2B control unit can be also installed inside the geared motor; in these case see further instruction in appendix. It is activated by two metal plates D3 that are fitted on the rack and come into contact with the switch in the fully open and fully closed gate positions D4.

Move the gate to the closed position leaving sufficient space to guarantee the braking distance and safety clearance. Follow the same procedure for the open end travel plate. Page 21 The adjustment of the clutch and all the safety devices must be per- formed only by qualified personnel. The clutch intervenes by limiting the pressure of the gate on any obstacle in its path.

The fixing bolts are the same used in the box of the control unit. Page 25 The release system that disengages the pinion allows the manual opening of the gate. To release the geared-motor just insert the triangular key F1 in the special lock and turn it half way round in a clockwise direction; In order to lock it, perform the operation in reverse order and ensure correct engaging by pushing the gate a few centimetres.

Page 26 Installation instructions Page 27 To avoid incorrect manoeuvres and the consequent risk of accidents, it is important to read this manual carefully, strictly observing the instructions given.

Device for Aprimatic operators to operate swing gates. Page 28 Device with Aprimatic microprocessor 15 Watt in stand-by designed to drive 1 motor with a maximum power of Watt. Page Electrical Connections 2. Secure the device at a minimum height of 30 cm, using the securing holes in the plastic container. Insert the connecting cables, through the holes in the bottom of the container and the cable clamps indicated. Page 30 3. The adjustment range of the pause time is between 0 and seconds.

Standard Automatic Immediate re-closure Trimmer P2 - This trimmer is used to adjust the intensity of the electronic brake, to Page 31 3 seconds and the closing. This manual is also suitable for:.





APRIMATIC ONDA 500 Installation Instructions Manual


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