It is worthy joib note that the Mamluks who repulsed the Tartars and drove them from the Islamic countries were not Arabs, but rather belonged to the same race as the Tartars. Let them worship Me and serve no other gods beside Me. We cannot accept that Palestine will become Jewish. After his execution Qutb was buried in a hidden and unmarked grave by the Egyptian azzak. Nasser betrayed the brothers, offering Qutb only a minor position as deputy minister of Education.

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He liked to read, excelled in class, and studied topics above his grade level. Azzam became more interested in Islamic studies and started a study group in his village. Khalifa met with Azzam during several visits that he made to Silat al-Harithiya. During this part of his life, Azzam began reading the works of Hasan al-Banna and other Brotherhood writings.

Though he was a year younger than his classmates, he received good grades. Azzam was sent to the village of Adir, near the town of Kerak in central Jordan. His colleagues in Burqin remembered him as being noticeably more religious than them. During breaks, while others ate, Azzam would sit and read the Quran. During the holidays, Azzam would return to his village, where he would teach and preach in the mosque.

Thereafter he returned to the West Bank, where he taught and preached in the region around his village. Osama bin Laden was enrolled as a student in the university between and and probably first met Azzam during that time. Soon thereafter, he moved from Islamabad to Peshawar , closer to the Afghan border, where he then established Maktab al-Khadamat Services Office to organize guest houses in Peshawar and paramilitary training camps in Afghanistan to prepare international recruits for the Afghan war front.

An estimated 16, [18] to 35, Muslim volunteers [19] from around the world came to fight in Afghanistan. This route became the major avenue for inserting foreign fighters and material support into eastern Afghanistan for the resistance against the Soviets. After Osama bin Laden graduated from the university in Jeddah in , he also lived for a time in Peshawar; Azzam convinced bin Laden to help personally finance the training of recruits.

To keep al-Khadamat running, bin Laden set up a network of couriers travelling between Afghanistan and Peshawar, which continued to remain active after , according to Rahimullah Yusufzai, executive editor of The News International. After orientation and training, Muslim recruits volunteered for service with various Afghan militias tied to Azzam.

In , Azzam convinced Ahmed Khadr to raise funds for an alleged new charity named al-Tahaddi based in Peshawar. He granted Khadr a letter of commendation to take back to Canadian mosques, calling for donations. The Saudi Arabian government and the U. Central Intelligence Agency CIA gradually increased financial and military assistance to the Afghan mujahideen forces throughout the s in an effort to stem Soviet expansionism and to destabilize the Soviet Union.

He sought to unify elements of the resistance by resolving conflicts between mujahideen commanders and he became an inspirational figure among the Afghan resistance and freedom-fighting Muslims worldwide for his passionate attachment to jihad against foreign occupation. He inspired young Muslims with stories of miraculous deeds, mujahideen who defeated vast columns of Soviet troops virtually single-handed, who had been run over by tanks but survived, who were shot but unscathed by bullets.

There must be widows; there must be orphans. In summary, Muslims do not have to stop an attack on mushrikeen, if non-fighting women and children are present. We shall continue the jihad no matter how long the way, until the last breath and the last beat of the pulse — or until we see the Islamic state established.

He believed the natural place to continue the jihad was his birthplace, Palestine. Azzam planned to train brigades of Hamas fighters in Afghanistan, who would then return to carry on the battle against Israel.

For the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, takfir against the allegedly impious Egyptian government was central, [36] but Azzam opposed takfir of Muslims, including takfir of Muslim governments, which he believed spread fitna and disunity within the Muslim community. Abdullah Azzam used the mosque as the jihad center, according to a Reuters inquiry in the neighbourhood.

Had the bomb exploded, it would reportedly have destroyed the mosque and killed everybody inside it. Lying in a narrow street across from a gas station, the explosive had a metre detonation cord which led to the sewerage system where the assailant presumably waited.

Both were shut down shortly after the September 11 attacks and are no longer active, though mirror sites persisted for some time afterwards. Babar Ahmad , the administrator of azzam. But with his tireless travel and exhortation of activists, thousands of whom traveled to be trained and to fight in Afghanistan, what Azzam "called for actually came about". This third stage was "ribat," defined as "placing oneself at the frontlines where Islam was under siege".

Written works[ edit ] Having "published over books, articles and recorded conferences", [55] some of his works include: Defence of the Muslim Lands: The First Obligation after Faith, many typographical errors ; second English ed.

Is a study on the legal rulings of Jihad. An appeal for Muslims to establish "a solid foundation as a base for Islam" in Afghanistan by expelling the Russian invaders of this Muslim land. The author quoted extensively from the Quran and the ahadeeth in establishing his jurisprudence reasoning as to why there is now an individual obligation Fard Ain for committed Muslims to travel to Pakistan-Afghanistan and become active combatants — mujahideen themselves.

The Signs of The Merciful in the Jihad of the Afghan A fully checked and revised version of a book listing over a hundred eyewitness accounts of alleged miracles experienced by the Mujahideen in the Soviet—Afghan Jihad, from perfumed bodies of martyrs to accounts of angels helping the Mujahideen, and other claims. The titans of the north, was a book written by Abdullah Azzam but which he was unable to get printed.

In it, he praised noted commander Ahmad Shah Massoud who was later assassinated by Al-Qaeda but because almost all of Peshawar was semi-owned by warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar , a rival of Massoud, no one would print it there.


Abdullah Yusuf Azzam

Either I shall be killed in Afghanistan, killed in Peshawar, or handcuffed and expelled from Pakistan. Many radical Islamists reject the authority of the four traditional schools of Islamic jurisprudence altogether. He captured Kalakovs and Kalashnikovs, and Muhammad Bana has told me that he once destroyed tanks all together. Jacqueline marked it as to-read Jan 15, Reported by Ibn Zayd. Allah, the Flawless, knows that Evil is a braggart and that it is not possible for it to become fair. For radical Islamists, one should kill a ruler who claims to be a Muslim but does not rule according to Islam.


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