It remained the seat of Portuguese India untilwhen Goa was chosen instead. Malayalam has official status in the state of Kerala and in the union territories of Lakshadweep. Durga Das Basu Shiba P. D Seminary Kottayam and it was a four-page weekly newspaper, published on Saturdays. The word Malayalam originally meant only for the name of the region, Malayanma or Malayayma represented the language.

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She was a prolific writer and was known as the "poetess of motherhood". She was the mother of the renowned writer Kamala Surayya. Though she received no formal education, the tutelage under her maternal uncle and the poet Nalapat Narayana Menon and his collection of books helped her become a poet, she was influenced by the poet Vallathol Narayana Menon. Balamani Amma was married at the age of 19 to V. Nair, who became the managing director and managing editor of Mathrubhumi , a circulated Malayalam newspaper, she left for Kolkata after her marriage to live with her husband, employed as a senior officer in the Walford Transport Company that sold Bentley and Rolls Royce automobiles.

Nair died in Mohandas, Shyam Sunder, Sulochana Nalapat are her other children. Balamani Amma published more than 20 anthologies of poems, several prose works, translations, she began writing poems at a young age and her first poem "Kooppukai" was published in Her first recognition came when she received the Sahithya Nipuna Puraskaram, an award from Parikshith Thampuran , former ruler of Kingdom of Cochin.

Nivedyam is the collection of poems of Balamani Amma from to Lokantharangalil is an elegy on the death of the poet Nalapat Narayana Menon, her poetry on the love for children and grandchildren earned her the titles of Amma and Muthassi of Malayalam poetry. While delivering the Balamaniyamma remembrance speech at the Kerala Sahitya Akademi , Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri , described her as the "prophet of human glory" and said that her poetry had been an inspiration to him.

It is part of the Federal Way School District. After he became an administrator at the Annie Wright School , he approached the Federal Way School District to consider his idea to start a public academy for gifted education.

In , the school was approved by the board to open in a 3—2 vote; the main arguments against the school were that it was snobbish and that the school district should improve its current honors curriculum in its existing six junior high schools. The school opened on September , with seventh and eighth graders; the school was located in the Illahee Middle School parking lot in three double portables from its founding until October when it moved to a warehouse building owned by Deluxe Check Printing Co.

The school admits students through a lottery. In , the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Washington State Board of Education gave Federal Way Public Academy an award that honored them for having an "overall two-year test score average puts them in the top 5 percent of schools statewide".

Federal Way Public Academy was conceived by Charles Griffin when he was pursuing an education doctoral candidate at the University of Washington; when he was an administrator at the Annie Wright School, Griffin asked the Federal Way School District to consider his suggestion to start a public academy for gifted education owing to his view that Superintendent Tom Vander Ark had a "reputation for innovation".

Griffin envisioned that the school would focus on giving students a challenging educational atmosphere, comparable to those in private schools, for schoolchildren who lacked the financial means to attend private schools. The school met opposition from some parents who viewed the proposed school as snobbish and noted that gifted students at present could enroll in honors courses.

The parents argued that instead of creating a new school, the school district ought to refine the current honors curriculum in the existing six junior high schools. Federal Way Public Academy opened on September 1, , with 90 seventh graders and 30 eighth graders.

Since the enrollment was limited to students, the school opened a lottery with an April deadline to choose the students. But since 72 students entered the lottery by the cutoff, the school allowed applications. After three weeks, students were signed up and the rest of the applicants were placed on a waiting list. The academy offered challenging math, English and foreign language courses, it lacked a football team, a band, a drama club. The school leaders signed a contract with the district allowing the district to shut down the school after two years if the school could not achieve strong academic standards; the school was viewed by several education experts interviewed by The Seattle Times in as having similar attributes to a charter school.

Washington state voters rejected a initiative that explicitly permitting funding charter schools. Federal Way School Board President Holly Isaman said the academy was different from a charter in several key respects.

Unlike charter schools, the academy had to answer to the school district and board and its teachers and employees were union members who received district-identical salaries. In December , the school board voted to permit Federal Way Public Academy to expand to include sixth grade and tenth grade; the two-grade expansion happened in Founding principal Charles Griffin resigned from the school in to work at a New Mexico private school and was replaced by Judy Kraft, an assistant principal at Kentlake High School.

For its first four years, the school had held classes at Illahee Middle School. The school in had students. In , its only sport was cross country running, it had chess and Knowledge Bowl groups.

Admission to Federal Way Public Academy is based on a lottery. In the — school year, the school had students and 13 teachers, for a student—te West Rockhampton, Queensland West Rockhampton is a suburb of Rockhampton in the Rockhampton Region , Australia. West Rockhampto is situated about six kilometres north-west of the Rockhampton central business district. Two schools were established in the area. Crescent Lagoon , the local primary school, was established around , was moved to its current location in In the census, West Rockhampton had a population of 1, At the census, West Rockhampton had a population of 1, West Rockhampton is home to one of the seven Big Bulls statues that decorate Rockhampton, which regards itself as the Beef Capital of Australia.

There is a statue of a Droughtmaster bull outside Rockhampton Airport. The theft of the testicles from the bulls is a common prank and they have to be replaced; some residents feel that the bull statues over-emphasise one aspect of the city and should be relocated to less prominent locations.

However, there is strong public support for the retention of the bulls. From its inception, being a cost-effective solution, Naval Air Arm has depended upon Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Army to meet the training requirement of air and ground crew. In April , the Naval Aviation Training School was established to impart conversion training to aircrew of the Pakistan Naval Air Arm; the school is geared to train surface fleet officers and men to meet the various requirements of ship borne flight operations.

On the first day strength of PNS Mehran was eight officers, four sailors and no aircraft. PNS Mehran, since its inceptions, is efficiently supporting day and night operational activities of all the squadrons.

Despite facing acute shortage in every sphere, the base has accomplished every task assigned. A Westland Sea King helicopter was the first machine to fly from this Base. On 22 May , Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed that its force of 8—20 armed men had attacked the base.

Though various claims have been made regarding numbers of terrorist only four dead bodies were found; the attack was the third attack on Pakistani naval forces since American forces killed Osama bin Laden.

Eyewitnesses have claimed that the attackers were dressed in naval uniforms and were aware of the security protocol at the base and behaved like soldiers. Cdr Air is further assisted by staff working directly under him. Cdr AED is responsible for the maintenance and technical efficiency of all the aircraft. A Base Flight Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring that safe flying practices are being followed by the squadrons. Quality Assurance Officer ensures that required quality standards are being maintained by the maintainers and technical departments.

The AED began with limited first line maintenance of aircraft backed by rudimentary workshop facilities. Progressively, the scope of the Air Engineering Department expanded with the corresponding increase in aircraft inventory and their growing technical obligations; the AED, with a workforce of 1, service personnel and civilian technicians, is capable of undertaking overhaul and rebuild of Fokker Lewis Ginter Major Lewis Ginter was a prominent businessman, military officer, real estate developer, philanthropist centered in Richmond, Virginia.

His father died soon after Ginter was born. In , at the age of eighteen, Ginter relocated to Richmond, Virginia to open up a shop selling toys.

He had visited the city at least once before with an uncle. Ginter soon moved from selling toys to merchandising fine linens, encountered great success.

By , he formed a partnership with his nephew, George Arents , John F. Alvey to begin marketing wholesale linens.

Ginter traveled throughout the United States and Europe in search of high quality linens and amassed a considerable fortune before the beginning of the American Civil War. Preparing for unpredictable times, Ginter invested in large quantities of tobacco and cotton that were stored in Richmond warehouses in order to protect his wealth. Although he was from the North, Ginter supported his adopted home in the Confederacy by buying Confederate bonds and waiving outstanding debts.

In , he joined the Confederate Army and received praise from his superiors for his heroic and logical behavior on several occasions, which earned him the nickname "The Fighting Commissary. Anderson and A. Hill, retained this title from affectionate Southerners long after the war ended. Upon his return to Richmond, Ginter found the city in a state of total disrepair, his warehouse stores of tobacco and sugar were destroyed during a citywide fire, though his cotton remained unscathed.

With little economic opportunity in Richmond, Ginter decided to return to New York City to pursue a career in banking, he joined Apperson and experienced great financial success. But his regained fortune was short-lived; the Panic of forced Ginter to use his personal fortune to settle heavy debts.

Having lost all of his wealth once again, Ginter decided to return to Richmond. In , Ginter joined John F. Early production began in a factory with twenty young ladies. The domestic cigarettes enjoyed phenomenal success, Ginter began designs for more brands.

With growing competition in the tobacco industry, Ginter commissioned custom designed cigarette machine rollers. Ginter declined and remained a director until his death. Although Ginter had lived in Richmond for several decades, he did not purchase his first home until , he invited his sister, Jane Arents, her four children, Grace Evelyn and Minnie, to live with him at East Cary Street.

This construction sparked a trend as many new homes soon popped up along Franklin Street. Beginning in , Ginter and John Pope began purchasing large tracts of land on the northern side of Richmond in Henrico County with the intention of developing suburbs, their purchases included Westbrook Plantation. The Westbrook house included a private barbershop and one-lane bowling alley. Ginter had a hand in developing several nearby neighborhoods.

He established the Lakeside Wheel Club in , built a nine-hole golf course and a small zoo. Always eager to improve Richmond, Ginter hired architects Carrere and Hastings in to design a world-class hotel known as the Jefferson.

An estimated million dollars were invested in the realization of the ho Danko Jones musician Rishi James Ganjoo, better known as Danko Jones , is a Canadian rock singer and composer of Indian descent. He is the main singer and guitarist of his self-titled rock trio, formed in , he contributes as a music journalist for The Huffington Post , Close-Up Magazine, Rock Zone Magazine and Burning Guitars. Born and raised in Scarborough on metal and punk rock music, he came from an academic family and his father came from New Delhi.

When he was 6, he played for the first time on an acoustic guitar , when he got into rock music, he got for Christmas a new electric guitar. But the trio was not acting long. After the previous trio was following his next band, post-hardcore trio Horstack, he reunited with Paul Ziraldo between and into band called Violent Brothers, active only one year and where Danko performed as Cruz Control.

His band was nominated for 4 Juno Awards. In Europe they play the largest festivals. Danko hosts the syndicated radio show The Magical World of Rock and writes columns for four European rock magazines.

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She was a prolific writer and was known as the "poetess of motherhood". She was the mother of the renowned writer Kamala Surayya. Though she received no formal education, the tutelage under her maternal uncle and the poet Nalapat Narayana Menon and his collection of books helped her become a poet, she was influenced by the poet Vallathol Narayana Menon. Balamani Amma was married at the age of 19 to V.


Balamani Amma award presented to Mohanavarma


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