Kajikinos Not just anyone can visit Broken Heart, Oklahoma, especially since all the single moms—like me, Patsy Donahue—have been turned into vampires. So did the main character. How does she even know how? It felt like a book outline or else the speed-written first draft that never actually got fully written. I mostly skim those parts.

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The very first vampire was Ruadan, the biological father of Patrick and Lorcan. A vampire cannot be released from banning until they feel true remorse for their evil acts. This happens rarely, which means banning is not done lightly. The Consortium: About five hundred years ago, Patrick and Lorcan created the Consortium to figure out ways that paranormal folks could make the world a better place for all beings. Donors: Mortals who serve as sustenance for vampires.

The Consortium screens and hires humans to be food sources. Donors are paid well and given living quarters. Not all vampires follow the guidelines created by the Consortium for feeding. A mortal may have been a donor without ever realizing it. Drone: Mortals who do the bidding of their vampire Masters.

The most famous was Igor, drone to Dracula. Family: Every vampire can be traced to one of the seven Ancients. Gone to Ground: When vampires secure places where they can lie undisturbed for centuries, they "go to ground.

Lycanthropes: Also called lycans. These shape-shifters can shift from a human into a wolf. Lycans have been around a long time and originate in Germany. They worship the lunar goddess. Basically, a Master is supposed to show the Turn-blood how to survive as a vampire, unless another Master agrees to take over the education. Roma: The Roma are cousins to full-blooded lycanthropes.

They can change only on the night of the full moon. Just as full-blooded lycanthropes are raised to protect vampires, the Roma are raised to hunt vampires.

Seven Sacred Sects: The vampire tree has seven branches. Each branch is called a Family and each Family is directly traced to one of the seven Ancients. The older you are, the more mojo you get. Taint: The black plague for vampires. They perpetuate the species by Turning humans. Unfortunately, only one in about ten humans actually makes the transition. World-Between-Worlds: The place between this plane and the next where there is a void.

Some people can slip back and forth between this "veil. After the defeat of their leader, Ron, aka Ragnvaldr, it appeared they had been disbanded.

However, the Ancient Koschei was the true leader and he took up the banner of vampire domination. I tried to make the Turning of my vampires somewhat interesting.

So I have written it, so it will be. You may have noticed the emphasis on alcoholism in this novel. Some people are ashamed about what goes on in their homes. Let me tell you something: You deserve safety, good health, and happiness. You just have to decide to ask for it. You are not alone. You deserve love. You are worthy of a better life. Sneaking around this creepy little town in the dark - and during winter, no less - was not one of my better ideas.

Shivers raced up and down my spine. What in the world had made those terrifying sounds? Surely not dogs. My shivering turned into full-body shudders. My parents were convinced that real werewolves roamed the woods.

Despite never finding a single speck of evidence, my parents still believed in all that hooha. As soon as I hit eighteen, I checked out of their world of insanity and entered wonderful, sensible, logical reality. I listened for the howls, relieved when I heard nothing but the wind rattling the branches above me. Some reporter I was! This was my chance to prove I was made of sterner stuff.

I had to find this guy before anyone else, so I could ditch my piddling assignments. If I had to write one more obituary.

I pressed my cheek against the tree. No warmth there. The black parka had done a fair job of keeping most of me warm, but the hood offered no protection to my face. My skin felt scraped raw by the freezing air. I let go of the tree, but stayed close. I needed to regroup. The arsonist was nicknamed Dragon.

He always started fires on the roofs of buildings. My contact in the police department said that detectives believed that Dragon was from Broken Heart. I readjusted the strap of my purse, which clunked in protest. I was a big believer in being prepared. MacGyver had nothing on me. Heart pounding, I peered around the wide trunk. A man was burying a coffin. It looked new, though the grave was not.

The heart-shaped marble tombstone looked worse for wear; the top right corner had broken off. Oh, this was much better than running away from the scary clamor of unknown creatures. He was strong, even though he looked like a normal guy. Nice bod, but not one made by Bowflex. It was his apparent normalcy that perplexed me. What kind of person buried a casket at nearly ten at night? What if he was a drug dealer or a gunrunner hiding the goods?

My excitement drained almost immediately. Neither of those scenarios felt right. Or at least look over his shoulder more often?

The sad truth was that I had probably stumbled upon an employee of the cemetery. Well, poop. The silence was ungodly. No chirping of crickets, stirring of little animals, or twittering of birds. In this odd quiet, the shovel rasped unpleasantly as the man thrust it into the pile of dark soil and tossed it into the grave.

The earth thudded onto the coffin. I studied the rest of the cemetery. Nearly all the graves had fresh dirt on them. Their tombstones were tilted, broken, or fallen. The place looked as if it had been ravaged by an earthquake. Seismic activity in Oklahoma? Not exactly the scintillating news I was hoping for - although it would be a change from tornadoes.

My gaze returned to the man. It seemed wrong to get any closer. After all, he was completing an awful task. But I was curious. I might accidentally find the source of those hair-raising howls. He might not know it, but he was the closest thing to safety I had right now. About five feet away was a lone pine tree with thickly covered branches.

I shot out from my cover and raced to the pine, ducking under its flagging limbs. The needles poked at me, so I scrunched down and watched him.


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The town of Broken Heart, Oklahoma is not your average town. This book features another one of the 11 that were turned - the town hair stylist Patsy Donahue. Patsy is kind of bored now that she is a vampire. Her primary concern is her son Wilson - typical jerk son who smoked pot and has a grudge the size of a house on his shoulders. That is until she is attacked outside of her shop on the way back to her double-wide. Apparently all the remaining Turn-bloods One of the 11 went into the light in book 1 are being targeted. Fortunatly that very night all the Turn-bloods were issued additional security - so Patsy had a guard with her and together they were able to get the demon thing to go away.


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Beschreibung bei Amazon Michele Bardsley is an American author of fiction. She is a bestselling author perhaps most well known for her fictional series called the Broken Heart Vampires series that are set in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, and focuses on the world through the eyes of a vampire mom. Michele Bardsley is also the author of the fictional fantasy series, the Wizards of Nevermore, which features two books, Never Again and Now or Never. She is the author of the Pack Rules series which involves werewolves and more in a fantasy genre.

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