Table Of Contents 4. On a per-need basis, microphone inputs, which is required to operate condenser microphones. Sonically Superior Mic Preamps. USB port xudb your computer.

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I have a soundcraft 24 I also have a studio with a converter numrique 16in 16out console and Scope Fusion pro. I wanted a console not CHRE with Intgr effects that may sound to small scnes quickly to training from 2 to 4 players without drums with two returns management and equalization same summary the faade.

No lugging a rack! I read here that some were not the diffrence between the 15 effects of this console. I would say that in this case, it is better to arrter sound. Because the effects are clean, know that in , any manufacturer can offer 24 bit quality effects because the algorithms and components have banaliss. Here Berhinger does not default, and the multi-effect does its job properly trs if we do not believe only worthy Abbey Road!

Here, we speak of a console euros! The faade is little equalization of prcise. Dtecteur function of feedback is useful if you work with amateurs who inevitably will stick their microphones in the faade.

The report quality price is unbeatable, except for the snobs who will not want his dpenser so little. I made this choice by reading the generally positive view trs Xenyx range, knowing that the components and design are the same console each other, I chose this MODEL silent because it best suited my request. I would do without this choice hsiter. Yet when I wanted my little station installed at home to work a little at home when leaving the studio I tried the shot and honestly at this price, for once Behringer assured!

Beware of scam or the error you have to know what was in the hands: no multitrack recording with that is an analog console that was glued 2 converters! Ie even if you have a microphone on each entry you will not have 8 tracks but on the DAW, or two if you use the stereo. I say this because many are beginning this fact have this way. No latency problem , provided they are well equipped to side. Anyway the manual is not one and the names of functions on the table sometimes a little wobbly!

I said well above and I would conclude the same way lower but we still talk of these 80 faults and all the problems it will ask you! If its like the Yamaha frangine magic I think it had merely USB table "classic" and converters that would have been impeccable!

But he had to do Behringer zeal in wanting to offer a complete product with features unusable as the effects processor or compressors. The compressor is present on the first 4 entries in the form of a knob round clip and an LED clipping. Therefore no adjustment threshold, ratio So when used one has the right to a huge peak before it goes off The effects processor to look cute in appearance and offers 5 reverb, delay, chorus, flanger Good effects analog purist when it comes to guitar, not only to rethink these "effects" I have chills boo!

So as for the compressor: OFF! They are fairly accurate and reliable. If the table has not yet set to blow you can easily remove a feedback or a blast with the eq band or just a colorful little slice of the plug with parametric. Although it is relatively transparent. Behringer And when he corrected the problem persists then? The breath Jove! Fortunately it simply type in your speakers or headphones and it does not appear on the runway.

Anyway even if "we made it" and we are working with, over time, it is always difficult to explain to a zicos making a decision like that is why it blows in his headphone! Despite all the console remains transparent and sounds very good returns in terms of being well-equipped side. Me as a rack I use very good plug-ins in Nuendo and I have a fleet of quality mic.

Believe it or not it makes a farce! Of course it does not try to do live with eh! Between the blast and the problems mentioned above it is not even worth it! In addition to connection problems for some things. It is therefore not recommended for beginners who quickly become demoralized, but for someone like me who just wants a little station next to the studio, it is an alternative!

At this price it honestly was not even one of the processors in the rack, a good mic or a nearfield quality so why not try? Better to invest in good speakers in other things for example.

Okay so we know what we do, otherwise it borders on scam is true. Is what I would do this election? No of course it was a little test and I was not disappointed though. No unnecessary processor and a better reputation, to see.


Behringer XENYX X1222USB User Manual



Behringer Xenyx X1222USB Audio manuali, guide per l' utente ed altri documenti


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