While it was relatively easy to remove some of this bias, it was not possible to remove all of it. At 28dB in eco-mode and 32dB in normal operation, the W is louder than most of its competition. To keep audible noise to a minimum, run the W in low lamp mode and seat the audience at least a few feet from the projector itself. With that said, in normal operation it is unlikely that fan noise from the W would cause distraction.

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To open the battery cover, turn the remote control over to view its back, push on the finger grip on the cover and slide it down in the direction of the arrow as illustrated. The cover will slide off. Page Positioning Your Projector 4. Ceiling rear: Select this location with the projector suspended from the ceiling behind the screen.

Note that a special rear projection screen and the BenQ Projector Ceiling Mounting Kit are required for this installation location.

Page Obtaining A Preferred Projected Picture Size The distance from the projector lens to the screen, the zoom setting, and the video format each factors in the projected image size. BenQ has provided separate tables of dimensions for both and screen ratios to assist you in determining the ideal location for your projector.

Looking across this row shows that a mm Page Shifting The Projection Lens The lens shift offset is expressed as a percentage of the projected image height or width.

You can use the joystick to shift the projection lens in any direction within the allowable range depending on your desired image position. Page Connection Connection You can connect the projector to any type of video equipment, such as a VCR, DVD player, digital tuner, cable or satellite decoder, video game console or digital camera. You can also connect it to a desktop or laptop PC or Apple Macintosh system.

If you have already made a Component Video connection between the projector and the video source device, you need not connect to this device again using an S-Video or composite Video connection as this makes an unnecessary second connection of poorer picture quality. Plug the power cord into the projector and into a wall socket. Turn on the wall socket switch where fitted. Check that the Power indicator on the projector lights orange after power has been applied. The power cable used in the illustration may look different to the power cable type used in your region.

The projector will display a coded number on the screen. Write down the number and turn off your projector. Seek help from the local BenQ service center to decode the number. You may be required to provide proof of purchase documentation to verify that you are an authorized user of the projector. Page Changing The Password Changing the password 1. Highlight Change Password. Enter the old password. Page Speeding Up The Process Of Source Search Speeding up the process of source search You can speed up the process of source search by blocking source s not in use.

Highlight the input source with 3. Press the button whose keystone icon is similar to the adjustment you are about to make. For example, the Up button reduce the bottom side of the picture. Press MENU on the projector or remote control.

Press Left or Right repeatedly to adjust the image until you are satisfied with the shape. The values on the adjustment bar of the page change while pressing. Page Advanced Picture Quality Controls In the pictures below, the black portions are inactive areas and the white portions are active areas. Anamorphic: displayed as "ANA" on the remote control Scales an image so that it is displayed in the center of the screen with a aspect ratio.

Page Adjusting Picture Clarity Adjusting picture clarity 1. Go to the Picture--Advanced menu and highlight Clarity Control. Press Up or Down to highlight one of the following functions and press setting. Noise Reduction: Reduces electrical image noise. The higher the setting, the less the noise. Page Color Management Color management In most installation situations, color management will not be necessary, such as in classroom, meeting room, or lounge room situations where lights remain on, or where building external windows allow daylight into the room.

Only in permanent installations with controlled lighting levels such as boardrooms, lecture theaters, or home theaters, should color management be considered.


Benq Home Entertainment W500 Manuals

Lamp Hours Eco. Lamp Rest Rate Dust Filter Hour If there is no equipment connected or no signal detected, limited menu items are accessible. Using the menus The projector is equipped with on-screen display OSD menus for making various adjustments and settings. There are 17 different menu languages.


BenQ W500 Projector


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