La Biblia del oso refleja la belleza del siglo de oro de la literatura castellana. La Biblia agrada y conforta el alma. Que Dios renazca con la Biblia en todos los corazones humanos. This handy app offers: - Download free Bible and Bear - Listening to your phone it is a version with audio - Use the online and offline app, even if it is not connected to Internet - You can mark and save verses - Create a list and write and add notes - Share or send verses to family and friends on social networks - Enlarge the letter of the text if you have difficulty reading - Activate night mode to rest your eyes when reading at night - Search by keyword - Automatically Back to verse she was reading when you reopen the application Casiodoro version Queen of the sixteenth century marked a milestone in the history as it was the first Spanish translation of the Bible made from the original languages: Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Bear Bible reflects the beauty of the Golden Age of Spanish literature.

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For this reason, Cipriano de Valera later revised the work of Casiodoro de Reina and his revision was printed in Some today call his Bible, "La Biblia del Cantaro. This is because of the Spanish Inquisition, which prohibited the Bible in Spanish, especially Protestant versions of it, from being printed and distributed in Catholic countries, including Spain.

This made their Bibles less pure. The Catholic church would not allow a version of the scriptures translated into Spanish unless it was a version they condoned, and then ONLY if it was done from the Latin Vulgate, a corrupt translation that even Casiodoro de Reina said was "full of errors. His translation is today simply referred to as the "Scio" Bible or the "Scio text. However, "verbo" is more than just a catholic word, it is an occultic, Kabbalist word as well.

For more info about this, click here. Some were burned by Catholic priests and Inquisitors, while others were allowed, as they appeared to be Catholic seeing as they were part Protestant texts and part Catholic texts. This is important, as their revisions were always referred to as "Valera Bibles" and not "Reina-Valera" Bibles. Reina was often omitted, and on purpose, as he was viewed as more Catholic than Valera.

Before them we find the works of: ? All of these, except the last one, are modern versions, which have been tainted and mixed with the Scio text. For this reason, there are many modern words used in that version that are NOT those long-standing words used and blessed by God for over years. Thus, to reiterate, the only Spanish Bible today that is truly old from around the time of our King James Bible , truly Protestant, and truly from the pure texts is the Valera Purified Spanish Bible.

Others use "Jehova" or "Jehovah.


Biblia de Casiodoro de Reina 1569




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