Beschreibung bei Amazon Tanith Lee is a British author. She is a writer that has written extensively in many mediums and is known for her writing in the fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres. In her time as a published author, she contributed to fourteen collections, wrote seventy seven novels, and composed nearly three hundred short stories. Lee was born on September 19, She passed away on May 24,

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January 1, Dixie I remember reading this book over and over as kid. It was one of the first fantasy books I remember reading. I love Tanaquil in this book. This is a book about coming of age, discovering yourself, and realizing you are exactly who you are suppose to be. One of my favorite books of all time! Let me tell you, it was well worth the effort! I finished it yesterday and I am still in awe. But the writing! Or both. Like this section:"Soon wonderful shops began to open in the buildings.

Put this book on your TBR, and keep an eye out for it! January 1, Jacob With elegantly placed brushstrokes Tanith Lee quickly paints a complex portrait of a realistic character and lets her Unicorn breath life into her and into the entire story. I love complex characters that are easy to identify with and Tanaquil is such a character!

Frustrated by a life empty of adventure Tanaquil is quickly drawn Of into a vast and dangerous world with only her not quite tamed and quite magical animal friend, the peeve, by her side. This story quickly touches you, draws you in, c With elegantly placed brushstrokes Tanith Lee quickly paints a complex portrait of a realistic character and lets her Unicorn breath life into her and into the entire story.

This story quickly touches you, draws you in, carries you along, and fulfills its promise while leaving you eager for more. January 1, Amy! This took a lot longer for me to read than its pages would imply. The type is small and the writing dense in a good way! The story is packed full of great descriptions and wonderful little moments basically everything the Peeve does is The Best. Tanaquil is a great heroine, and it was good to watch her become self-sufficient.

I really enjoyed rereading this. January 1, Barb A young girl, ignored by her sorceress mother and with no distractions in the desert fortress they live in, discovers a unicorn skeleton. Employing her only talent, Tanaquil rebuilds the skeleton with added parts to make it a movable work of art.

Tanaquil is thrust into a fantastic journey as the unicorn leads her to the City by the Sea where she discovers who she really is. Tan A young girl, ignored by her sorceress mother and with no distractions in the desert fortress they live in, discovers a unicorn skeleton.

Tanaquil is a rebellious teenager who has been forgotten by virtually everyone in the household and is left to her own devices. There she finds the means to make a living and take care of herself.

Her descriptions of characters, scenery, and fantastic animals are so vivid the reader is immersed in the story. This book was a quick read and well worth the time to drink it all in. January 1, Jaci A satisfying young adult story in the classic fantasy vein.

Nothing edgy, grimdark, or pretentious. Good female protagonist, an engaging tale of family, of mothers and daughters, of sisters and fathers, coming-of-age, new adventures awaiting us on the horizon, and those who ask for our help.

Would definitely read more from this author. January 1, Jill Marzolino Gotta love a girl being neglected and coming into her own with a weird kind of magic and a weirder familiar. Plus the amazing descriptive writing was a really awesome surprise.

She has a knack for thrusting the unknown and the magical in your face and making you accept it. Though the book is called "Black Unicorn", the magic is mature and even refreshing. This is no "friendship is magic", Disney princess unicorn book for a twelve year old. One major weak spot? While the main character and several side characters trudge along with all their strengths and weaknesses, the rest of them fall flat like movie standees. Several events which unfold are forced, unnatural to the characters, or utterly predictable.

This is mainly seen though the lens of the vast lack of dialogue. This book reads more like a dream than real life. I think Lee gets away with this because her mind for the fantastic is, well, fantastic.

However, I have to take a star from my rating for this. The other four stars—one for pace, one for taking the old and literally making it new as you will see for yourself if you read this , one for describing this accurately enough I believe it, and the last for actual word craft.

The sentences are well-formed and fit the tone of the story. Absolutely yes—particularly for the novelty and execution of ideas. Would I recommend this to fans of fiction in general?

Yeah, I think so. Would I recommend this to everyone else? Probably not—the lack of character substituted for huge pictures and vast beauty will might drive you batty. Studio Ghibli fans? You should read this. Though the first chapters are a bit slow, the story really starts to pick up after part two.

However, I find that little over halfway through the story loses its momentum. The protagonist takes on a more passive role and as a result the plot tends to drag on a bit, adding to that pages of --while deftly conjured-- lengthy descriptions trying to set a scene.

I think that sums up Black unicorn nicely, a good read with nice ideas but nothing special. And you know what? January 1, deilann Originally posted on SpecFic Junkie. This is it. Also, peeve. I may sometimes follow around my puppy and peeve-narrate him. Yes, the peeve gets its own mention again. I really just love that thing. So it just talks. Which is just lovely to me But I promise! Not much. But more. Tanith Lee almost always writes amazing fantasy, and "Black Unicorn" is very, very good. Her writing style is lush, evocative, beautiful.

Her settings are poetic. Her loneliness leads her to discover, with the help of a pet peeve, the bones of a unicorn in the desolate desert which surrounds the fortress in which she and her mother live. Tanaquil builds the unicorn skeleton with gears and devices, and by magical contrivance the unicorn is reborn to the delight and horror of the surrounding communities.

The story itself is beautiful - it is a coming of age story for Tanaquil, of loves lost for the sorceress and her Prince lover, of family, of Perfect Worlds and Imperfections. For fantasy, this is the real deal. Well, yes and no. The plot revolves around Tanaquil, the young daughter of a powerful if erratic desert-living sorceress. When a semi-tame peeve think a catlike creature discovers a sparkling, moonlight-colored bone, she is intrigued and follows it to find the rest of the bones. She uses her unmagical talent for mending things to piece together the skeleton, replacing the missing bits with wires and bits of metal, but finally creates a full skeleton - which then, unpredictably, comes to life.

She is whisked away after it on the adventure of a lifetime, exploring a forbidden city and discovering what she is destined to do. The beginning was a little slow, and the characters are a little flat, but the overall book is enjoyable. January 1, Jacek This is a very good fantasy novel with interesting characters and rich atmosphere.

All of the struggles were wrapped up either as they went or at the end, whi This is a very good fantasy novel with interesting characters and rich atmosphere. All of the struggles were wrapped up either as they went or at the end, which i feel was a disservice to the story, it was a bit jarring being yanked from one increasingly hostle event, to have it resolved in a flash and start another.

Despite those relatively minor flaws this seems like an excellent starting place. It was very easy to read, the characters are likable and the story has much potential. I look forward to the continuation of the story with more developed main characters. January 1, Stephanie A. I got this from a book fair at age 7, and I have treasured my yellow-paged trade paperback copy ever since. I read it numerous times, and now every time I open it, the familiar lines wash over me like old friends.

I also really liked the friendship with Lizra. Did I mention that everyone in this book has a really great name? Except for poor Gork. January 1, Ike Tannith Lee has created a world that is at once magical and mystical--an imperfect world where Tanaquil dwells as a young fixer or mender or tinkerer, but she surely knows that she is no witch, as is her mother. After all, her mother has tested her and tried to train her in the ways of witchcraft all to no avail.

But, after she finds a set of magical bones and puts the skeleton back together it turns into a big, blacker than night unicorn with red eyes.


Black Unicorn

Recommends it for: Fantasy and Magic lovers! Good for adding variety to typical magical scenarios! Recommended to N. The beginning all the way through until nearly the very end is full of chaotic, annoying, even frustrating situations. There are so many things that are all over the place, and that go wrong or annoy the heck out of you in this book, or that make no sense in any logical way possible.


Black Unicorn


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