The proprietary Articulated Array configuration allows wide, degree horizontal coverage. Independent level and EQ control is supported for two separate beams per array, and onboard memory stores up to 10 user-selectable presets. The modular design allows up to three MSA12X units to be vertically arrayed to increase coverage distance and low-frequency pattern control. The slim, low-profile elegant enclosure mounts close to surfaces, blending in with the visual aesthetic of a space, and its digital control eliminates protruding pitch brackets. An integrated mounting bracket allows up to degrees of horizontal pivot away from surfaces.

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This package has everything you need except know-how to step up to a Bose modular line-array system. This system includes 2 pairs of 2 MA12 loudspeakers coupled vertically together. We include all the stands and adapters needed to mount the speakers plus the Bose Panaray Digital Controller needed to get the best sound from these speakers. These loudspeakers are a special tool, and they work wonders in highly-reverberant large rooms. Dispersion is very wide horizontally, and very narrow vertically.

Incredibly feedback-resistant, they can be placed BEHIND the microphones and eliminate the need for monitor speakers on the floor.

This reduces late-arrivals of sound bouncing off the walls surrounding the platform - these late-arrivals reduce intelligibility and muddy the sound. This also means the performers hear the same thing that the audience hears, and the sound man ALSO. Everybody wins.

A vertical line array of twelve 2. As a result, this loudspeaker is surprisingly efficient, delivering speech with intelligibility and clarity. Used alone or stacked in multiples, the Panaray MA12 delivers premium sound in an elegantly slim cabinet that practically disappears in houses of worship, auditorium, theaters and concourses.

The size of the LT MB12 has also been optimized so that it can be used in multiple bass array configurations.


Panaray MSA12X steerable array loudspeaker



Bose Professional Now Shipping Panaray® MSA12X Modular Steerable Array Loudspeaker


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