To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about SportsRec, contact us here. BullWorker Pro Reviews An isometric exercise is one that uses resistance to contract a muscle or group of muscles with little movement. In addition, the old program does not take advantage of using supersets, muscle confusion, or any of the exercise protocols that are used by strength and conditioning coaches today. Got one to sell? Ordered two back in June. Build your chest, sculpt your back, tone your abs, strengthen your shoulders, and shape your legs with one simple fitness device.

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The old time strongman and Bodybuilder you see to the right They were able to achieve incredible strength gains using what has now become You see I had been lifting weights for years and had achieved at best Yeah, I was one of those guys that would record every workout and every morsel of food that went into my body.

I bought every muscle building magazine and I even went to bodybuilding shows. I was willing to do just about anything to achieve a bigger and more muscular body. Despite all the time spent at the gym and all those protein shakes that I consumed… I was still way too skinny and still had a little potbelly.

Yet a lot of the other guys at the gym were getting bigger and stronger. This had its advantages because there were fewer people there that could see the puny amount of weight that I used to bench. As I was getting ready to leave one day… it was around 11 PM and I thought I finally had figured everything out. I walked into the locker room and there was this really big guy packing up his stuff getting ready to leave.

As soon as he saw me he scrambled and shoved everything into his gym bag. How about Sylvester Stallone? Sadly, steroid use is just too prevalent today. Well, steroids are not for me! I knew there must be a way to get the physique I wanted without having to resort to using steroids. Or if you watch enough infomercials as I have you probably got the idea that you should do as many abdominal exercises as possible or use ab gizmos to help you get a great set of six pack abs?

They Have Lied to Us! You see, these old-time strongmen and bodybuilders would today be called drug-free. Mind you now, these individuals had incredible abdominal development with rock solid six pack abs to show for their efforts.

And in all my research I discovered that none of them built their bodies by eating chicken 5 or 6 times a day! Each one of these old-time bodybuilders and strongmen built their incredible bodies 30 to 40 years before steroids were even invented! So, you can be certain that their workout routines and techniques will work for any drug-free guy like you and me. These old-time strongmen were able to develop your physiques using a combination of isometrics and body-weight exercises.

In one study alone — one of the legs of the frog was bound so that he could not move. The frog would struggle against the restraint but unfortunately to no avail. What occurred next shocked the researchers. The frogs leg that had been bound But what I discovered next was that many of these old-time strongmen in particular a circus performer by the name of Alexander Zass — had been able to develop incredible strength and muscularity by using an isometric exercise device that he had created.

He had taken a set of chains and used it to perform isometric contractions. In fact, Alexander Zass was considered to be one of the strongest and most muscular men of his age. He was one of the first individuals that spoke about the concept of creating "Tendon Strength. He concluded that in order to become strong you must develop your connective tissues -- the tendons -- before concentrating on strengthening the muscle fibers. The Movie Star As I kept digging for more information about isometric exercise I discovered that other famous old-time strongmen have used it.

Everyone knows about Charles Atlas and his use of isometrics. But I wondered was there anybody in more recent history that had utilized isometrics to build a muscular and ripped body? The answer surprised me and will probably shock you! Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee was his name. In my research I discovered that the famous martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee was a big advocate of isometric exercise.

In fact, after injuring himself lifting weights — he abandoned free weights altogether — and began a program of using isometrics and body-weight exercises to build his incredible physique.

He began to use the Tensolator to strengthen himself and to increase his speed. Bruce felt that having muscles just for the sake of showing them off — was foolish. He believed in "Functional Strength. In my research I discovered an old manuscript that contained his exact strength training program using the Tensolator. Since this device was no longer being manufactured — I decided to have one created with some major improvements and began using it in my training program.

Bully Xtreme by changing the cloth or fabric straps to steel cables. I increased the resistance so that it would provide an adequate workout for the back and legs — the bigger muscles of the body.

This way I reasoned… the redesigned Tensolator could provide a complete and total body workout. It can provide enough resistance to work out every major and minor muscle group. When I started applying some of the tricks, tips and techniques that I discovered from these old-time drug-free strongmen along with the Bully Xtreme Tensolator , my body literally transformed almost overnight.

By using their techniques and exercises I was able to add slabs of muscle by working out less but concentrating on some of the key… almost forgotten exercises that these guys used in their workouts. And to boot, I ended up with a ripped six-pack abs stomach without having to do any cardio, sit-ups or even crunches. You see, for years I hated the way I looked physically.

After I discovered these old-time strongmen bodybuilding secrets, and started to apply them my progress came really fast. My girlfriend, family members and friends began to notice the changes in my body and began asking me questions on how I did it.

Bully Xtreme gives you resistance, or weight, that feels as good as or better than free weights, and without the inertia or risk of joint pain usually associated with free weights. The correct size and ergonomic design of the Bully Xtreme 4 allows you to have variety in your training by offering you more than 82 health club type exercises.

The gentle movements increase your muscle size and strength every time you work out. And with 3 simple levels of training, the Bully Xtreme 4 is perfect for beginners and pros alike. Turn any corner into a health club. The Bully Xtreme 4 targets every muscle group. Only 7 magical exercises Extremely Simple and Portable Saves you tons of time and money! No driving to and from the gym, no long lines to wait. Just take it to work, on vacation anywhere and get the most incredible workout of your life.

No more excuses! Workouts are now fun, quick and easy. These handles were designed with your comfort in mind. We are so confident about the construction of the Bully Xtreme 4 Home Gym that we warranty it for the life of the original purchaser. You only pay a small shipping and handling fee.

And you get a brand new and "revolutionary" muscle building, fat sucking training program that will knock the fat right off of your problem areas! And I created a brand-new and revolutionary training program that could be used with Bully Xtreme Tensolator exerciser. I called this training program… Iso-Synergy. Protocols like… Muscle Confusion.


Free Bullworker Wallchart – Isometric Exercise Training Planner

So, after some stretching, breathing and isometric delving into my old archive server folders I found some wonderful old variants of the Bullworker Training Wallchart through several decades. The isometric exercises remain the same, and will be just as effective on a Bully from the sixties as it would be on a modern isometric device. Kolbel who studied the workings of the human body for over ten years. These exercises were personally developed by Herr Koebel, and the principle on which they are based is known as Isometric Contraction. Using Isometric Contraction you can build up and strengthen more than of your basic muscles. I had around 15 different versions before I moved house last year, some of them were prototypes. Could be interesting to do some exercise videos with them.


Download Vintage Bullworker Wallcharts

Muscle-Building Video Lesson Series Discover the exact step-by-step exercises of how to train each specific muscle group by watching this Online Video Lesson. The entire video contains in-depth tips and tricks for maximizing your muscle gains in your chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs and abs. The exact number of sets and reps that will help you blow through any training plateau. Simple mistakes that everyone makes and how to avoid them. How to combine all of these tips into the most effective Isometric workouts possible.




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