Meztibei Receive CalFresh benefits within three 3 days if you are eligible and have little or no money. At the time of your interview, please bring verification with you of your income and expenses. Select or go to the following link: Using CalFresh will not affect your immigration status or the immigration status of your family. Sign your name to certify, under penalty of perjury, that all your answers are true. Buy more healthy foods.

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This is a major structural change in how households report changes affecting their CalFresh eligibility. All households except those that are change-reporting households must turn in a SAR 7 form. Semi-annual reports are budgeted prospectively, i. The SAR 7 is due on the 5th of the month, in the sixth month after application or recertification. It is late if the county has not received it by the 11th of that sixth month. The case will be discontinued if a complete report is not received by the first business day of the following month, i.

Prior to terminating aid, the county must comply with notice requirements for late and incomplete SAR 7s. For example, a SAR 7 form may be incomplete because the household has not verified its income by submitting wage stubs.

Other examples would include where the household did not list on the SAR 7 form previously reported mid-period information, although the county in such a situation is required to contact the recipient to resolve the apparent discrepancy e.

Mid-period reports that were previously verified do not need to be re-verified. However, the failure to verify reasonably anticipated child support, spousal payments or other income deductions does not render the SAR 7 incomplete.

Rather, the county just will not allow the deduction. This notice must tell the household: The report is late or incomplete; What the household must do to complete the form; What papers the household needs to send in with the form; The date by which the household must file the late report i. The county must also provide notice if it considers information reported on the SAR 7 to be questionable. If so, the county must inform the household it has until the first of the following month to submit the necessary clarifying information or verification.

Because of a federal waiver, counties can continue to combine the reminder notice and the termination notice. The burden of proof rests with the recipient. The household does not need to use specific words but must clearly express to the county, whether orally or in writing, that the recipient wants an opportunity to present his explanation for not meeting the semi-annual reporting requirements.

A request for a fair hearing may also be considered a request for good cause determination. If the household turns in a completed SAR 7 any time in the month after the SAR 7 was due, the household if otherwise eligible will be restored to aid and the benefits pro-rated from the date the form was turned in.

Households being restored to aid are treated as recipients, not applicants.


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