The book became very popular after its publication, but slowly faded into obscurity so I feel I have to explain what exactly this place is. Its patrons are special kind of understanding people that can listen to anybody who wants to share their pain - without being nosy or pushy. In other words you only tell your tale when you are ready. The idea is expressed in the following quote: "Shared sorrow is lessened, shared joy is increased". Neither can ever be created or destroyed. But one can be converted into the other.

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Synopsis[ edit ] The bar is run by Mike Callahan. Strange or unusual events and visitors turn up frequently in the stories. The stories make heavy use of puns. Irish whiskeys are the preferred beverage, with Tullamore Dew and Bushmills mentioned in nearly every collection of shorts or novel that references the saloon. The stories make an obvious homage to Fletcher Pratt and L. Neither can ever be created or destroyed. But one can be converted into the other.

He tried to commit suicide after losing his wife and daughter to a car accident which he believes to be his fault. Jake is a master with his guitar, whom he calls "Lady Macbeth".

Sam "Doc" Webster: M. He works shifts at Smithtown General Hospital. Long Drink McGonnigle: One of the oldest regulars; a night watchman and also skilled at puns. Tom Hauptman: An ex-minister and widower, who was locked away for ten years with his wife in a Latin American banana republic.

He believes missing out on ten years of sociological development means he cannot do his job. Callahan offers him the job of assistant bartender after he tells his story. Noah Gonzalez: A sergeant in the police force who has a prosthetic leg.

He works on the bomb squad. Michael "Mickey" Finn: A humanoid alien who was sent to destroy Earth. Tom Flannery: One of the former regulars who has eight months to live at the start of the series.

She may also be immortal, but is long-lived at the very least. The door has remained unmended as a reminder. Mentioned, but does not appear in any of the stories. Ralph Von Wau Wau: Mutant talking dog and regular customer. Often a moral barometer for newcomers: accepting Ralph as a sentient being worthy of respect is considered a final test for acceptance by the Callahan "family". When a patron asked Jake for "a double", Robinson appeared, as Jake looks exactly like him.

All of the later works appeared as individual novels.


Callahan's Crosstime Saloon Download (1997 Adventure Game)

After the patrons listen to him, Tommy ends up flinging a brand-new hypodermic needle and a bag of white powder into the fireplace and is immediately cheered. During the celebration Jake notices an oddly dressed man goes to the bar, orders ten shots, then walks up to the chalk line and toasts "To my profession" and smashes one in the fireplace. He repeats the toast for the remaining nine shots. He then turns to the crowd gathered to listen and explains to them that he is an advance scout for The Masters who he says will vaporize the planet after his data is transmitted to them. He goes on to explain that he contains "installations" which prevent him from disobeying the command. After the patrons empathize with him he pleads with them to kill him before the transmission takes place.


Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

Action, innovative scenarios, decent puzzles and an abundance of good humor abound in this creative romp through space and time. Your character is wisecracking, fun-loving, folk musician Jake Stonebender who suddenly finds the fate of the universe resting squarely on his shrugging shoulders. Game designer Josh Mandel, known for his creative work on Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, keeps the adventure flowing and lighthearted throughout. All these well-constructed, humor-filled and genuinely funny situational episodes lead to the final chapter where the fate of the universe is decided. The interaction with the multitude of zany, bizarre and interesting friendly patrons at the bar is the real heart of the game.

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