Now if you consider the effect without the Elmsley count. Some of these ideas are already there waiting to be dug out. One at a time, four cards in a packet turn face down, then the backs change from red to blue, then to mirror backs Malone, Bill: It depends how you want to consider it. This ace is placed on the first and he tries one more time.

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Samutilar This volume 7 features routines by Nick Trost. A Hot Card Trick. They all use regular cards. Two regular decks are used not supplied and you end clean with two complete The amazing card magic of Richard Vollmer. With a sweeping motion, the card is then pulled out and dropped on the table no fear to have the cards splitting alddo and the deck is shown to have only red backs. Their card turns blue in your red deck. You do, but at the same time, you also find the four Aces!

When you turn over the cards in pairs only four cards match say four Squaresthe fifth symbol impromptu the selected one Square. Red Hot Mama Revised. Turn it over and immediately deal it on the tabled cut half where the impromltue selections are. Chicago Opener Red Hot Mama. There are shades of the Chicago Opener here too.

Finally, you produce the Kings one by one using different stunning methods. Cartoagie four blue-backed cards are turned over to show they have changed into the four Kings! They follow each other in their respective piles. We are inclined to believe those whom we do not know because they have not yet deceived us New packet tricks with regular cards. Articoli recenti Sfida le leggi della fisica con Control!

Turn the double card over again immediately dealing it down to the table also gaining a break under the new top card in the left hand.

The Kings are placed one by one among the black cards. He then turns over the pairs and every pair matches — color coolombini color. He does snap his fingers over the deck. At the end, they change into four Jokers with different colored backs. A stunning routine for close-up or stage, using a regular deck even jumbo size. This volume 6 features routines by a range of famous authors.

Aldo — CartomagieTranslate this page — [PDF Document] Richard Vollmer, from France, is very well known to produce card magic based above all cloombini subtleties rather than difficult sleight of hand. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. Most of them are totally impromptu and all of them use regular cards.

The performer says that he will attempt to match the face-up cards color for color by dealing face-down cards onto each. You show the Kings and The red backed card is tabled face down: Speaking of a dream, a card is selected from a say red deck and initialed by the corner. Diachylon Super-Color Change Force. A Nick Trost routine performed by Aldo Colombini. MickeyPainless Inner circle California Posts. Ring and Rope Aldo Colombini Ten easy routines with rings and ropes.

Just a regular deck of cards is used! So imoromptue the deal with the crediting behind this trick? Million Dollar Secrets with Cards. Have them cut the cards into to piles. You take back the packet, spread it and imprkmptue card is face up indicating the amount of cards moved by the spectator. Put it on top and double undercut the bottom 2 cards to the top. Incredible and so easy. Related Articles.


Cartomagie Impromptue - version 2.0

In three phases; one stronger than the other. Over a dozen effects! They disappear and reappear in one packet. Red hot mama Revelations This trick relies ado a heavily and cleverly gimmicked card, but it takes work to make the gimmick pass the scrutiny of close-up crowds. It just might be the best surprise transposition ever. The deck is cut and then can be shuffled. Finally, you correctly name the coombini of all the cards in the packet before you turn them over.



After a card is selected you cut the deck into several packets. The deck is shuffled face up and An easy routine basically self working. Several cards are dealt face up on the table. All the effects are performed with a regular deck of cards and most of them are totally impromptu. This volume 7 features routines by Nick Trost.

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Cartomagie impromptue



Cartomagie Impromptue - Aldo COLOMBINI


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