Sonic Scalers Dental scaler suppliers use words like sonic, sound, ultra, cycles, and frequency when describing the professional dental scaler. The goal of any dental scaler is ultimately the gross removal of calculus, plaque, and other surface materials as quickly as possible with minimal patient discomfort, or harm. Piezo Electric Ultrasonic Scaler — Magnetostrictive Used mainly in the United States, the magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler uses a magnetostrictive transducer to create magnetic energy which is then converted to mechanical energy at varying frequencies. Ultrasonic Scaler — Piezo More prominant in Europe and Asia, piezo ultrasonic scaler vibrations are produced by oscillations of a quartz crystal in […] Dentsply Cavitron Review Dentsply Cavitron — From Dentsply Dental There are simply no better cavitron units on the market than the ones manufactured by the company that trademarked the name Cavitron. Dentsply Dental is a true pioneer in the industry. Capitalizing on very dependable magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler technology, the Dentsply Cavitron has been superior from the beginning.

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It has been completely refurbished and comes with a 6 month parts and labor warranty. We will pay all shipping for warranty for the first 90 days.

After that all shipping is paid for buy the purchaser. Accessories or parts included Paid Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If the item is subject to FDA regulation. I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item. I can take checks but must be notified Scratches, and typical signs of use. Does not include parts. Accessories, or items not shown. Serial: Power: V. FedEx, and several freight carriers.

We buy. Sell, consign, and repair dental equipment. Our comprehensive services can help you clear space. Reclaim capital, replace equipment, and repair almost anything dental-related. We can Payment: Atlas accepts most types of payments. Including PayPal, credit cards, and several other methods, within seven days of purchase. PayPal is the easiest way to pay on eBay- contact us if you wish to pay with another method or require more than seven days to pay for your item.

Contact us immediately at if you have problems completing your payment. Financing: We offer financing! Approval times are currently less than 24 hours. Please contact our customer service and sales department at or before the completion of the sale to begin your application. Customer service: We strive for positive feedback in every eBay transaction. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do to ensure the best possible purchasing experience.

Communication is paramount in all of our transactions. Feel free to eBay Message us with any questions or concerns. Atlas customer service is available Monday through Friday, a. If you have questions about your purchase or have any problems with your order, contact us immediately at or by email at to resolve the issue. Unless otherwise n.


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