GetInstance doc, stream ; writer. SetStyle Font. BOLD ; titleFont. GetStoreById order. Order ", lang. Id , order.

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GetInstance doc, stream ; writer. SetStyle Font. BOLD ; titleFont. GetStoreById order. Order ", lang. Id , order. OrderDate", lang. ConvertToUserTime order. ToString "D", new CultureInfo lang.

LanguageCulture , font ; pDate. AddElement pDate ; headerTable. GetInstance logoFilePath ; img. DirectContent; cb.

MoveTo pageSize. Top - 80f ; cb. LineTo pageSize. Right - 40f, pageSize. AddElement new Paragraph " " ; cell. IsNullOrEmpty order. AddElement new Paragraph order. AddElement new Paragraph String. Format order. TwoLetterIsoCode, lang. Id : "", order. Name, lang. ZipPostalCode, order. CompanyName, font ; paragraph.

Street, font ; paragraph. City, font ; paragraph. AddElement paragraph ; cell. CompanyEmailAddress, font ; paragraph. Url, font ; paragraph. Phone", lang. CompanyTelephoneNumber , font ; paragraph. Fax", lang. CompanyFaxNumber , font ; paragraph. TaxNumber", lang. TaxNumber , font ; paragraph.

VatId", lang. VatId , font ; paragraph. CommercialRegisterHeading", lang. Id , font ; paragraph. CommercialRegister, font ; paragraph. AddElement paragraph ; addressTable. AddCell cell ; doc. Add addressTable ; doc. Product s ", lang. Id , titleFont ; doc. GetAllOrderItems order. ProductName", lang. Id , font ; cell. SKU", lang. ProductPrice", lang. ProductQuantity", lang. ProductTotal", lang. AddElement new Paragraph name, font ; if p. IndexOf bundleItem! Add new Paragraph " " ; if bundleItem.

FormatWith bundleItem. ProductName, bundleItem. Quantity , font ; else itemParagraph. Add new Paragraph bundleItem. ProductName, font ; if bundleItem. ConvertCurrency bundleItem. PriceWithDiscount, order. CurrencyRate ; itemParagraph. FormatPrice priceWithDiscount, true, order. HasValue itemParagraph. Add new Paragraph HtmlUtils. AttributeDescription, true, true , attributesFont ; cell. MergeWithCombination orderItem.

Empty, font ; cell. Empty; switch order. ConvertCurrency orderItem. UnitPriceExclTax, order. UnitPriceInclTax, order. ToString , font ; cell. PriceExclTax, order. PriceInclTax, order. Add productsTable ; endregion region Checkout attributes if! ConvertHtmlToPlainText order. Add pCheckoutAttributes ; doc. Add new Paragraph " " ; switch order. ConvertCurrency order. OrderSubtotalExclTax, order. Sub-Total", lang. Id , orderSubtotalExclTaxStr , font ; p.

OrderSubtotalInclTax, order. Id , orderSubtotalInclTaxStr , font ; p. Discount", lang. OrderShippingExclTax, order. Shipping", lang. Id , orderShippingExclTaxStr , font ; p. OrderShippingInclTax, order. Id , orderShippingInclTaxStr , font ; p. PaymentMethodAdditionalFee", lang. OrderTax, order. Tax", lang. Id , taxStr , font ; p.

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C# (CSharp) iTextSharp.text Paragraph.SetLeading Examples

NOTE Characters in a file are rendered on screen or on paper as glyphs. The default font in iText is Helvetica with size 12 pt. The default spacing is 1. Not every font has the descriptions for every possible glyph. A positive value simulates superscript; chunk.


Align Two Chunks to Left and Right on Same Line in iTextsharp

Bruno Lowagie Bruno Lowagie I thought most people would know what a legend on a chart is. A legend displays the line type, color etc. So my objective is to create a cell that contains the text of a descriptor followed by a cell containing a line of the same color as in the chart. I have that working for other events so I just showed the added method for the generic tag as the rest is irrelevant to my question. Finally, I am using itext 5 rather than 7 because of this: stackoverflow.

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