It comes with dual Dual Please refer to Table 2 for the list of models and countries supported. The Moreover, with the advantage of dual radio, the integrated access point can serve as both an access point and a client to a wireless mesh network. This combined functionality provides another source for WAN diversity along with Gigabit Ethernet and cellular.

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It comes with dual Dual Please refer to Table 2 for the list of models and countries supported. The Moreover, with the advantage of dual radio, the integrated access point can serve as both an access point and a client to a wireless mesh network. This combined functionality provides another source for WAN diversity along with Gigabit Ethernet and cellular.

The Cisco ClientLink feature of the access point improves reliability and coverage for legacy devices and Dynamic Frequency Selection DFS enables radar detection and avoidance to comply with regulatory domains.

With two LTE modems, the IR enables concurrent connectivity to two cellular networks for high reliability, enhanced data throughputs, load balancing, and differentiated services. Automatically configure a modem carrier based on the inserted SIM. Only one operator is active at a time. Accelerometer and gyroscope to monitor speed and angular momentum for automotive applications and to detect tampering.

Integrated Ignition Power Management to keep the router up even when the vehicle ignition is turned off. GPS to enable real-time location tracking of remote assets. Requires no additional hardware or client software. With these security services, fleet vehicle management and mass transit systems, for example, can intelligently redirect web traffic to the cloud to enforce granular security and acceptable use policies over user web traffic.

With this solution, businesses can deploy the market-leading web security solution quickly and easily to protect assets from web-based threats, such as viruses, while saving bandwidth, money, and resources.

With enhanced data rates and improved latency 30 milliseconds or less , WWAN services provide an ideal way to supplement traditional wire-line services. The dual LTE model doubles the throughput by supporting peak data rates of Mbps on the downlink and 50 Mbps on the uplink on each of the two cellular links.

Actual data speed depends on the service provider network. With single and dual 4G LTE options, the IRs offer a flexible, redundant cellular connectivity for mission critical services.

The 4G LTE WWAN data services can also be used as a cost-effective alternative in areas where broadband services are either not available or very expensive. For example, public internet traffic can be kept separate from mission critical traffic emerging from the sensors and devices connected to the router.

The IRs support multi-VRF feature that allows customer to configure and maintain more than one instance of a routing and forwarding table within the same Customer Edge CE device. Business benefits and application examples IoT gives the transportation industry an opportunity to connect people, improve safety, communicate more effectively, and change transportation centers into community hubs.

The IR offers the automotive industry - including commercial fleets, emergency-response and public safety vehicles, rail, and roadways - standards-based, scalable, and highly secure solutions. Fleet vehicles The IR can withstand severe weather and environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, high vibrations, and shocks often encountered on buses and trains.

Transitioning to different wireless networks is transparent to users and devices such as laptops, smart devices, sensors and cameras , and applications maintain continuous connectivity without the manual intervention of users as WAN links change. In addition to allowing a single node or device to stay connected, the IR 4G LTE routers allow an entire mobile network or subnet to stay connected. The dual-radio 2.

Our products also help transit operators effectively track vehicle fleets through built-in GPS systems. Mass transit Public-safety personnel can move critical video data and other sensitive information from incident commanders to field officers over a secure network, giving public safety agencies and their personnel access to real-time, multimedia data in the field. This access helps agencies increase cost efficiencies, provide better response time, and improve safety and security. Centralized monitoring and control of assets using the IR helps organizations lower their cost of operations, identify issues remotely, and take meaningful actions.

Table 1. Features and benefits Features IoT Enablement Compact ruggedized form factor Designed for mobile and hostile outdoor environments, such as fleet vehicle management, mass transit, and many other on-the-move IoT applications.

Cisco IOx Application Support Provides an open, extensible environment for hosting OS and applications at the network edge; expansion module slot to enable additional future communication technologies.

This is a software platform that manages a multiservice network and security infrastructure for IoT applications such as transportation, smart grid, services, distribution automation and substation automation. By intelligently avoiding interference, the WLAN feature offers performance protection for This enables mission-critical applications to stay connected even when roaming between networks. The WLAN access point provides high-performance device access through improved radio sensitivity and range with It provides further dust and water protection and discourages tampering.

Further details can be accessed on the following link: Management Cisco Prime - centrally managed network Cisco Prime Infrastructure simplifies the management of wireless and wired networks. Central management and troubleshooting of the integrated Cisco wireless access point in the IR helps prevent costly maintenance service calls to outdoor locations.

With Cisco Prime Infrastructure, network administrators have a single solution for RF prediction, policy provisioning, network optimization, troubleshooting, security monitoring, and wireless LAN system management.

Wireless network security is also part of a unified wired and wireless solution. Cisco wireless network security offers the highest level of network security, helping to ensure that data remains private and secure and that the network is protected from unauthorized access. The gateways and devices are enrolled and managed securely end-to-end. FND is optimized for operation in constrained bandwidth network. The platform provides ease of use with an intuitive web interface and GIS map visualization and monitoring with rich set of northbound APIs for third-party integration.

It can be used to view and control the gateways from a cloud-based dashboard. Kinetic GMM does not require any configuration code to be written thus saving manpower. The complete setup can be done through cloud-based dashboard. The platform provides real-time visibility into cellular connectivity and strength which can be used to manage dual sim connectivity better in mission critical applications.

The application provides simplified device management, monitoring, configuration and services through easy to use wizard. The application enhances productivity for network administrators and channel partners by enabling them to deploy routers with increased confidence and ease.

The application has built-in configuration checks thus providing faster issue resolution through telemetry checks.


Cisco Integrated Services Router Bundles Quick Look

Founded on 20 years of innovation, the Cisco Series of Integrated Services Routers extends Cisco Systems leadership in multiservice routing, providing customers with unparalleled network agility, performance, and intelligence. By transparently integrating advanced technologies, adaptive services, and secure enterprise communications into a single, resilient system; the Cisco Series routers ease deployment and management, lower network cost and complexity, and provide unmatched investment protection. The Cisco Series routers feature embedded security processing, significant performance and memory enhancements, and new high-density interfaces that deliver the performance, availability, and reliability required for scaling mission-critical security, IP telephony, business video, network analysis, and Web applications in the most demanding enterprise environments. Cisco Figure 1. The Cisco Series supports the bandwidth requirements for multiple Fast Ethernet interfaces per slot, time-division multiplexing TDM interconnections, and fully integrated power distribution to modules supporting This ensures continuing investment protection to accommodate network expansion or changes in technology as new services and applications are deployed. By integrating the functions of multiple separate devices into a single compact unit, the Cisco Series dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of managing remote networks.


Cisco 3825 CISCO3825 Data Sheet

Doutilar Cable Cisci the modem to the cable outlet using a coaxial cable Reset Resets the modem to factory default settings. Small and mediumsized businesses now can deploy data, security, and IP Communications requirements in a single system that is easy to install and configure for reduced cost and complexity. Cisco Integrated Services Router — router — desktop Series Sign in to comment Be datazheet, keep it civil and stay on topic. Connecting and activating your Internet modem.

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