Fenrizragore ClearOne is committed to provide the highest quality products ranging from office desktop conferencing to large professional conferencing venues like training centers, courtrooms, auditoriums and boardrooms. Brother TZeS — laminated tape — 1 roll s — Roll 0. APC by Schneider Electric. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. The Converge Cnverge TA facilitates local and remote PC setup, control, and diagnostics and is compatible with the ClearOne Tabletop controller or integration with other popular control systems. No warranties found for this item.

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Mismatched or outdated firmware All units should be at 4. To update the firmware, you must first connect to the site in Console. You may need to correct cable or AC grounding issues before this is possible.

Use an externally run pre-made cable if you are not certain about the installed cable. Once rebooted, connect in Console. If this does not work, try the above steps again. If it still does not work, default the Proxy DSP s the mic s are attached to and connect in Console again. Be sure to have a saved site file to reload later on! Once connected, verify firmware levels by right clicking the unit icon under Site Properties and verify the firmware is 4.

If it is not, open the Services menu within Console and then open the Firmware Loader. Left click the browse button to select the firmware file. If they do, left click Upload Firmware. If not, disconnect and try again. By default, the firmware loader selects the converge.

Test the mics again to verify the problem is resolved. If not continue to troubleshoot. Ebus Cable Requirements We suspect some field installed cables are not providing the signal integrity required for stable Ebus operation. Installers may not use high quality tools, cables or connectors when assembling and running Ebus cable runs. Variance between vendors, mismatched specifications on cables and connectors, signal loss due to poor construction or poor contact on the connectors, and false positive cable test results all tend to escalate support issues related to this problem.

The consistent remedy in all of these cases has been to replace the installed field-created cable with factory terminated pre-made cable of Cat 6 or better. The communication issues would disappear or greatly reduce once this was done.

If premade cables cannot be used because of conduit or install space limitations, installers should use high quality Cat 6 shielded cables and terminators. Connectors are important; installers must certify they are using the correct specification and type for solid core Cat 6 when using Cat 6 cable: Shielded cable types must be terminated with shielded connectors and ground wires must be connected properly.

AC Ground Requirements Large installations that have several rooms spread out over a large area often result in different AC circuits being used to power the Beamforming mics, DSPs, and attached peripherals. It is very common for a voltage differential to arise between the ground wires of different AC circuits in commercial buildings.

This can cause Ebus communication failures. We have found through testing that as little as 1. Pre-Installation Checklist for Installers All Clearone devices connected to the same expansion bus network should be powered by the same AC circuit and a good quality AC ground should be common between all systems.

AC isolation transformers may be used when it is impossible to connect all ClearOne devices to the same AC circuit, or when ground issues are suspected. An electrician can certify power quality and correct ground issues that AV installers may not be able to overcome using the above recommendations.


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