Cochabamba, Bolivia. El testimonio de Perkins no fue rebatido. Tal vez es mejor un silencio prudente. Bolivia ha cambiado del imperio norteamericano al imperio Chino. Los ciudadanos que vienen de china, no vienen con recursos propios, sino con ayuda del gobierno chino, que luego se cobra.

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He tells Redford that it is simple economics and anyway, what would Redford expect them to do? Redford says he should ask the American people first. Ask them when their engines stop. Ask them when people who have never known hunger start going hungry. Want to know something? It reads like a Le Carre novel or something by Graham Green, and yet it is autobiographical.

A young man becomes drawn into international finance and has the role of convincing third world countries particularly the leaders of these countries to take out loans that are so huge their countries will never be able to repay them. They do this so as to ensure that these countries become satellites orbiting the American Empire. His job was to make these countries compliant, dependent, and endlessly economically exploitable. Perkins asserts that the economic hit men were potentially only phase one of what could become a three phase attack on the democratic rights and independence of foreign nations.

He gives instance after instance of where this pattern was applied in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia over a period of about three decades. It would be hard to imagine someone from the US reading this book without a growing sense of shame. It is hard to read this book from anywhere in the first world without feelings of responsibility, disgust and self-loathing. He reminds us continually that our lavish and unsustainable life style is only possible by the exploitation unto death of large parts of the globe.

Perkins does not come out of this book a saint, but he does come out of it a bit of a hero — I think. It surprises me more I can say that this book ever got published. I think I preferred it when the rulers of the world at least pretended they were concerned we might overthrown them if we caught them at their cheating. I think I preferred it when they would lie to us, if for no better reason than purely out of shame. We have become completely contemptible.

Where they can do whatever they like and then rub our noses in it and we will only shake our heads and complain about how powerless we are. Like I said, this reads like a spy novel, but made even more compelling by it being true. This book demands to be read.


Confesiones de un gángster económico





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