We recommend you take a moment and read through the manual as it provides information that will assist you from system installation to operation to special applications. In the studio, the A can be used on everything from vocals to percussion. See Figure 3 above. The control curve of the RATIO potentiometer has been designed to provide total oper- ator control, with scale expansion at the subtle lower ratios for easy, repeatable settings.

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Good for a "small" compressor which is already very great With experience, you do again this choice? The output is XLR symmetrical. But it also offers another Jack asymmetric specifically and completely separated from the balanced output. Add to that, an entry called "Detector Input" that allows even to her to use a different signal as the input to control the VCA board, and a last connection via 6. As for the possible setting, it offers the bare minimum of what is expected on this type of machine, namely a set threshold levels and output gain.

But it compensates with a quality and professional architecture. It should be added that none of the knobs is notched.. A lag close to nil and pumping almost inaudible, a compression which takes place without adverse effect on the frequencies.. Regardless of the compression ratio and the source is treated as the result will always be optimum and it does not alter Dbx your job, which is a high quality. The sound remains clean until the end.

Of course, since it allows no time setting attack and release, do not ask the artistic treatment as with a BSS DPR , for example, but it was not designed for it.. The only settings available are the threshold, ratio and output level. There are two possible compression modes: standard and "overeasy", which correspond to two different slopes of compression "hard knee" in standard and flat over easy. We can chain two for stereo processing: both compresence the same way to preserve the stereo image.

There is a sidechain input to trigger the co: pressure instead of the input signal. No adjustment of attraque and release, it has a face, and after it more or less compressed.

Well, not quite as it always has the choice to play on the threshold or ratio, which for equivalent gain reduction gives different results.

It does its job, ie it limits the deviations of dynamic, and from db reduction begins to seriously shape the sound in wrestling before. Passes attacks and thick in some way. Attention begins to mitigate the grave when they slap him in it. The advantage is that it is fixed quickly, if it does not work as they want in two minutes, do not insist. And if it works right away. A machine with a certain personality. Did you find this review helpful? Connectivity in Jack. USE The config is very simple, very vintage in approach, because the compression curves are prconfigures, it remains only to choose the one you want I think other resume thereafter, because it does not cost too much to chance.

To dcrire the somewhat "universal swiss army knife" of the craft And this is not the case for autrezs "big" references I would like to buy many more!! Paul Did you find this review helpful? Analog, digital, tube


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