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What Is a DD Form ? The DD Form or the Honorable Discharge Certificate is a certificate issued by the Department of Defense DoD and other branches of military service to service members with satisfactory military records. Honorable discharge applies to all soldiers whose service has been honest and faithful, with the positive aspects of service and conduct outweighing the negative ones. The form in and of itself is a memorable certificate with all discharge information recorded in the DD Form , Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty , issued to service members when they separated from active duty service. Each branch of the service maintains personnel records for about years before sending them to the National Archives.

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DISCLOSURE: Voluntary; however, if you are unable or unwilling to complete the administrative portion, your supervisor will complete it to ensure performance review is linked to individual performance, recognition, and awards. Appraisal Period: a. Enter the rating start date of the appraisal cycle. Enter the end date of the appraisal cycle.

Enter the Effective Date of the Rating of Record. The minimum evaluation period is 90 calendar days. Employee Name: Enter the name of the employee last, first, middle initial. Position Title and Position Description Number: Enter the official position title and official position description number found in block 15 of SF May be found in blocks 16, 17, 18 and 19 of SF Duty Station: Enter the duty station found in block 39 of SF If modification s to the performance elements and standards are required, enter date modification occurred.

NOTE: Use the "Duplicate" button at the top of the page to duplicate this page for each element developed. Total Number of Elements. Enter the total number of elements. Element Number. Enter the corresponding number to the element against which the employee is being evaluated. Element Title. Enter the title of the element. Effective Date. Enter date the element was approved whether initial establishment or newly modified - whichever is more recent.

Employee Input optional. Employees are encouraged to provide a written account of their accomplishments related to each element and associated standards provided in their performance plan. For example, the employee may describe how their contributions enabled mission accomplishment. Performance Element Narrative. Supervisors are required to justify performance element ratings of "Outstanding" or "Unacceptable" with a narrative.

A narrative is highly encouraged for "Fully Successful" element ratings. Employees are not given a performance narrative or performance elements ratings on progress reviews in accordance with DoDI Element Rating. NOTE: Review employee position descriptions to ensure they are relevant. See below for column usage. Element Number - From Part D block 2. Element Title - Enter title of element refer to Part D block 3. Element Rating - Enter the rating for the element 5, 3, or 1 refer to Part D block 8.

Summary Rating: Summary Rating is obtained by adding the values in the Element Rating column and dividing by the number of rated elements round to the nearest tenth. Enter the result in Block A1. Continuation Sheet. If additional space is needed for general information, progress reviews, or responses, use this page and duplicate as needed.

Each continuation sheet and item being continued must be numbered.


DD Form 256 "Honorable Discharge Certificate"

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DD Form 2906 "Civilian Performance Plan, Progress Review and Appraisal"



Dd Form 2896-1 PDF Free Download


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