Indiana recently passed a minor change to their tax sale system. In the "tax sale investing world", little changes made by the state can result in monumental differences in how the sales will operate moving forward. The change? Read on. The way you handle these first phone calls from homeowners can determine the outcome of your deed-grab deals. Some callers tend to be suspicious about how someone who is not an employee of the county could possess information about their tax sale.

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Start investing in tax property. Tax property presents far fewer headaches than other property types, but is still as or more profitable. Forget bidding at tax sale. Lot of new bidders and big tax invesment companies ensure this.

Major structural problems or cosmetic damage could lie within. At this point, most properties left are free and clear. The properties that are left will likely stay unredeemed and be lost to the government. Find phone numbers for these owners. The owners can usually be found easily — often by just searching them on Facebook!

Talk to the owner, and offer to take their deed off their hands. You may be shocked to see how many are just glad to get the deed out of their name. Pay off the taxes or sell. If you have the money, pay off the taxes and try to sell for retail, or rent it out. Use this technique, and make six figures in real estate in your first year. And it just so happens that a bad economy creates the perfect conditions for you to jump right into the business.

What you really need to comprehend fully is how to buy property, what type of property to buy, and — important — when to buy it. Tax sale property… but only bought after the tax sale. Tax sale is not the place to get this property. In case you need convincing, consider this. Competitive bidding almost never allows a property to be sold for a real bargain. It could be a total pit, once you end up seeing it. The owners usually redeem the property anyway, leaving you empty-handed. These are the owners that will sell to you for cheap.

Getting their deeds are as simple as asking for them. Or sell quickly, and take your profits before the end of the redemption period. And since these overages are often for high amounts, you can easily make a huge income from them. You should learn to buy tax property outside the auction for the best profits.

Even if you have zero experience in the real estate industry, you can start a huge success if you know the right property to buy, and how to get it. Recent Posts.


Deed grabber program - better choice. Deed grabber. Sounds interesting enough. But interesting enough to buy? It does work and you can make killer money, BUT there are major caveats. Hold on.


A Learning Blog About Deed Grabbers

And business changes from "work" to "fun". Effortlessly schedule your mailings, and access property information when an owner calls, instantly. Just do a search in Excel, right? OK, now what? Not likely.


Go Ahead - Be A DeedGrabber!

The way to get tax property with the least competition and risk is outside the tax sale. Bide your time until the tax sale has passed. Too many bidders means not enough good deals. Most good properties will get bid up close to retail value. So skip the tax sale, and get your properties after the auction — just like a true Deed Grabber. The end of the redemption period will be your golden time. At this point, most properties left are free and clear.

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