ABC of Ear Nose and Throat 5th Edition PDF 9 months ago Views Preface: The first edition of this small volume, The ABC of Ear, Nose and Throat, was derived 25 years ago from a series of articles published at that time in the British Medical Journal to present the substance of this important speciality in an easily assimilable form for a wide readership of general practitioners, medical students, nurses and all those many sprouting paramedical specialties involved with speech, hearing, and head and neck disorders. This target readership has not changed, but the specialty, like most others, has expanded and developed subspecialties in all its divisions. Otology has changed from the exciting renaissance of microscopic middle ear work that began in the s at the start of my personal otological career, to the amazing developments that include cochlear implantation for inner ear deafness, and neuro-otology has extended from the management of peripheral labyrinthine disorders to embrace surgery within the base of the skull. It is entirely appropriate therefore that, for this expanded fi fth edition, Patrick Bradley FRCSIr, FRCSEd, FRCSEng, MBA, as an internationally recognized authority on head and neck diseases and their treatment, should have become the joint editor, and that several specialists, recognized as experts in various subspecialties, have been enlisted to write about them. The title has appositely reverted to its briefer, earlier one of ENT, which is so quintessentially British and which trips much more readily off the tongue than does otolaryngology.

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It is recommended by all leading doctors and toppers who have passed out too. Download it now for all the information you need only once for your ear, nose and throat exams. Must study at least once a lifetime. Get it free below. Dhingra Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat PDF : Head and Neck Surgery is a comprehensive book for the undergraduate medical students and those preparing for entrance examinations for admissions to postgraduate medical courses.

It is one of the most popular books on ENT. The book comprises sections covering all the important topics of ear, nose and throat, which would be very helpful for medical students. In addition, there are new and thoroughly updated chapters, which will help the medical students to keep themselves informed about the latest research, and also build better concepts.

This book is essential for all medical students and for those appearing for postgraduate medical entrance examinations. About the Authors Dr. He has been a teacher and an examiner for over 45 years. Dhingra has published many papers in reputed national and international journals and she has many awards and honors to her credit. The Author.


ABC of Ear Nose and Throat 5th Edition PDF



Dhingra Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat PDF 7th Edition Free Download


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