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Some carousels have "dedicated" pockets and others are "random", and this could account for the differences between the machines. You will still lose a bit of time but not as much.

We are looking at a 50T version of this machine. How do you like it other than the above problem? The machine we have is gear driven so we have a lot of torque, which is a nice thing. Hardware wise, machine seems solid, software wise, I think it should be more user friendly. We have a Haas VF-6 and a horizontal Mazak The mazak we have is a sweet machine; its fast, its easy to setup, and it has 10,RPM.

Plus, with a mazak you can do a great number of programming at the control. I classify the doosan as non-user friendly, somewhat of a PITA to setup - at least with what we have.

Seriously, 50 tools?! The most we were able to get was Seems to me that you are prestaging, then with the large tool going back into the carousel, it then rotates back to the large tool pocket and continues with the double tool change. You will always have the double tool change on a machine without an intermediate station, as it always puts the large tool back into the pocket with the adjacent pockets blocked out.

We pre-stage tools on all of our machines. Our previous mazak had pre stage tools enabled, yet with large tool and empty adjacent pockets, the tool magazine remained motionless at the large pocket, even when the next tool was called up. I liked this better vs the Doosan, because with the Doosan the magazine moves to the next tool instead of remaining where its at to save time.

The Haas we have functions the same as our old mazak. Only 2 or 4 machines in the shop have random pockets All the others are dedicated Random pockets are nice if you are only running 4 tools, you can place them side by side, which saves a tremendous amount of time if you are only doing one hole per part. Thanks all for your feedback. Share this post.


2016 Doosan Mynx 7500 - Vertical Machining Center



Mynx 7500/50


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