Yeah, right, Zach thought, as he walked out his front door. He jogged for a few blocks, just to put some distance between himself and his dad. Zach went down to India Street to look at the ruined Atheneum steps along with dozens of other gawkers. Everyone was saying that an electrical wire had shorted out in the middle of the street the night before and that it had gotten so hot it melted the pavement. Why was everyone so stupid? It was so obvious to Zach.

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Still, it was an excellent read and I genuinely enjoyed it. I felt that it was an extremely well-done second installment and I was especially impressed by the character development. She starts out unsure and weak, just trying to make her way, even if she kills herself.

Later, she acs beautifully and steps into her role and really takes charge. Sure, he was misguided, but it was still his choice. I still have no clue why none of the characters are smart enough to figure it out. He had a pretty great plot twist that I found really cool. He also has an air of mystery that surrounds him and I cannot wait to find out more about him! In general, I just want him. I love his strength and his gentleness and the deep love he feels for his family.

I completely adore him and would be totally satisfied if the entire book revolved around him dancing with seagulls. ZACK I felt really sorry for Zack in this one, and was sad to see some of his choices but glad to see others. He really struggles, blurring the line of good vs evil, and that was really interesting to see. I loved being in his head and seeing what he was thinking. And hot. And I love him for no apparent reason, but whatever.

I was really disappointed in her character and that was saddening, since I loved her so much in Starcrossed. Although in actuality, it started off far too slowly for my taste, and I was quite disenchanted with that.

I felt like it took quite a while to get into the actual story itself. Also, this whole Helen-and-Lucas are cousins thing has got to stop before I punch someone. Still, once the plot really got going, it was completely awesome. There were so many plot twists that I could never completely guess just what was going to happen next. I completely loved the concept and the intense action and everything that was going on, the creepiness and the mythology and the little details and everything.

I have good reasons for both Lucas and Orion and negative reasons for both. I love the gorgeous descriptions and the inner voices of the characters.

Their thoughts fit them so well. I loved how much the writing became so real and really felt myself drawn in to the story.

There was betrayal. There was death. There was drama. There was love. There was war. There was resolution. There was everything I want to see at the end of a book and more, even better things.

It was completely amazing and wrapped up the book beautifully, while leaving just enough unanswered and undone for the third book. Everything that had happened earlier in the book clicked together nicely. I am sure that the conclusion will be explosive and almost too awesome to be real, and I am ridiculously excited. Read more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning! Lucas and Helen have to be together!! Oh, oh my God! What a breathlessly beautiful cover!

Someone is dying.


[PDF] Dreamless Book (Starcrossed) Free Download (487 pages)

And: I wonder if they still do it sometimes. Maybe they sneak off every night and. She stood in the kitchen doorway with a fist planted on her slim, boyish hip. As Helen stood up from the table, Lucas caught her eyes and gave her the tiniest of smiles, encouraging her. Smiling back ever so slightly, Helen followed Cassandra down to the Delos library feeling calmer, more self-assured.


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