Download Manual Manual Description You may be asked to provide proof that you are the legitimate owner of the motorcycle. The codes of any keys not submitted will be wiped off from the memory to make those keys unserviceable in case they have been lost. Make sure that the passenger seat is properly secured by gently pulling it upwards. Do not park on soft or pebbled ground or on asphalt melted by the sun heat and similar or the motorcycle may fall over. This will allow the friction material on the brake pads to bed in against the brake discs. Strict observance of running-in recommendations will ensure longer engine life and reduce the likelihood of overhauls and tune-ups.

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The instructions on the Multistrada page link to PDF for the Bandit hugger installation :- There is a link to an installation video on Youtube , where you can find many similar NB. After an appeal of this forum, Diamaduk kindly posted me one of his spare protectors as he had purchased a multipack before they were withdrawn - Thanks again Jimmy Installation is not easy because of the complex shape around the gear indicator window.

Generic instructions are available. Simialr products from other manufacturers are now appearing Navihalter. It clamps to the top part of the screen mount and does reduce the ease of adjustment The instructions are provided only in German. I typed them into document and attempted to translate them, not good and suggestions welcome The Sat Nav socket is located below the left hand air conveyor panel near the PIN code start button, see a full description in a post by Splash I decided to reduce the length of cable from the Zumo cradle and only keep the 12V power wires.

See the Touratech instructions for how to to this, of course you can use the plug supplied with the bike I used Navihalters on my and Multistradas. Only available direct, from their German only website. I considered the external sensors which screw onto the valve cap but was concerned that they might not fit The instruction booklet is very good and installation is straightforward.

I wired the display into the same socket as the Sat Nav. This TPMS displays temperature which is also useful. Luckily roundincircles posted some pictures of where his dealer mounted the reservoir. I used the Scottoiler dual injector mounted using a bracket designed by vau and available via Shapeways. The bracket was designed for the Multistradas but it works OK on the model. We agreed a date and price for him to install the film, in my garage. He did a great job using patterns which he developed.

He has years of experience installing paint protection film and it shows. He even added a couple of bits I recommended e. Getting the air pressure right is key, definitely a case of less is more Available from a number of distributors. Other seat cushions are available I had them cut locally with no questions asked I have one on a keyring with my disk lock, cable lock and front door keys which I use when opening the seat, panniers and top case.

I replaced the crock clips with a Powerlet plug. They are great bits of kit. I found the US a bit small and now tend to use just the US I use they bags strapped to the top case rack with a bit over the pillion seat, long ways on.

I can squeeze my 11" laptop Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11S in the large tank bag and secure the Kreiga tail pack to the bike and with a cable lock. I now use the small Ducati tank bag for holding a phone, keys, visor cleaning kit, Sat Nav case etc.

The drain tube pokes out of a small hole in the corner of a door frame, so there is no tank to empty.



Page 42 Data displayed on the main screen are as follows: Page 85 Menu 2 displayed functions are: ABS can be disabled. Coolant Temperature Coolant temperature vs. The active key contains a battery that must be replaced when the key and the battery symbols are displayed when the instrument panel is turned on. This type of motorcycle cover is available from Ducati Performance. Replacing the battery in the ownerw key Only use 3 Volt CR lithium ion batteries. Add to Watch list.


Ducati MULTISTRADA 1200S Owner's Manual


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