He was inspired as he was mining near the Scarlet Sea on the Blazewalker before the Scourge. The spell summons a small air elemental who moves air around the characters, creating a cool breeze that protects against heat and neutralizes heat-induced fatigue ED1 Survival Guide, p. After removing the top and bottom cap the leather can be unwound and spread out. It is a square shaped piece of lush brown cowhide, with a timeworn, scratch marked and sun faded outer surface, but a remarkably unscathed, mint condition inside.

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One of them includes the idea that Dragons may have slept somehow until the mana level reached a sufficiently high point. While a minor link, it should be noted that the AF believes that a lot of the true mystic history of the Shadowrun world could be revealed if they could find the remains of Atlantis.

Thera, in Earthdawn, is the actual name of an island near Greece which is commonly held to be the site that Plato based his Atlantis stories upon -- both were destroyed in some horrible accident. First establishment of fact that the Dragons did exist in a prior age of the Earth, and first establishment that there are metaplanes quite beyond the eight established Shadowrun metaplanes, and that the inhabitants of such places are not only immicible to normal life, but purely evil as well; obviously the Horrors of Earthdawn.

Wyrm Talk: A source of a lot of tie ins, being as it is a conversation between Dunklezahn the Dragon and Harlequin the Elf, both holdovers from at least the Fourth World. Both make obvious references to having been around a while, and both refer to the Invae, remarking that humanity seems to be holding their own against the Invae without too much trouble.

Likewise, under the Wraith description, the netter -H- an abbreviation that Harlequin has used in the past says "Kill these Horrors whenever you encounter them. They are Evil, if anything is. In the Earthdawn rules, in the history of Barsaive section, descriptions given of the Signs of the Scourge describe mist-like wraith beings driving men to violence against one another, which matches exactly the description and powers of the Shadowrun Wraith.

Never Trust An Elf: A novel, in which more references to immortals are made -- indeed, the fact that some elves may be immortal is a major point of the plot.

Lofwyr mentions to Khan the Ork that the Orks were once the slaves of the Elves, a long time ago. In Earthdawn, the Orks were the only Name-Giving race regularly enslaved by all the rest. The Passions, of course, are the great guiding spirits of life in Earthdawn.

The Blood Elves of Earthdawn, of course, have the same condition. Another of the Princes is reported to have blasted to atoms some rose bushes that his wife planted behind their house without his permission.

High amounts of magic are associated with the lake, and the Tir cordoned it off after the general knowledge that it was believed to have been created years ago leaked out. Likewise, both sources mention the unique spirits of the Great Firey Path. Out Of The Past: A short story, this one has a strange spirit that resembles, in conduct and appearance, the Passion Vestrial, visiting a drunken Harlequin late one night. Harlequin is apparently the last surviving member of that order.

Harlequin also refers to the metaplanes as netherworlds, and then corrects his error, which is the usual term used for them in Earthdawn. Nothing upfront about Earthdawn, but Alamaise is listed as one of the Great Dragons of Barsaive in the Earthdawn rules. Sperethiel is, once again, the name for the Elven tongue.

References are made to immortal elves. Dragons are divided into two types, normal and Great, just like Shadowrun. In German, Darktooth is Dunkelzahn. Magicians are divided into adepts and full spellcasters, like Shadowrun although the Earthdawn adepts have, admittedly, far greater powers than their Shadowrun counterparts. Both games make use of orichalcum, a rare magical alloy. Thera is said to lay far to the southwest of Barsaive in the Selstrian Sea, which is an obvious match to the Barsaive map being in Russia if Thera is Atlantis, located at the real-world Thera in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mentions that Alamaise killed the Elf Queen. They share the same rituals, and general attitude of adopting new technology to help them keep their powerbase in the world. To counterpart them, then, Tir Na nOg is the Wyrm Wood once more, if its not obvious enough from their insistance on being the true repository of Elven culture. Pride and her position would keep her from admitting it in Earthdawn right now, of course, but if she ever did come around and try to say she was wrong, her subjects in the Wyrm Wood, angered at their Queen actually trying to say that all this pain they went through on her account was a mistake, and that they really should be ashamed of themselves, turn on her.

Tir Tairngire is heavy into genetic research so they can find a way to remove the grow painful thorns portion of their DNA before the mana level gets high enough for the Ritual of Thorns to have power again. Send them to dhenry plains.



To those who would submit to their authority, Therans promised to reveal methods of protection against the approaching Horrors. Mellaus was the regular guest and patron of numerous taverns and earthxawn in Tirtaga in which his grimoire has continued to make the rounds of his late owner. All the best and congrats again! A few things to remember: It developed very slowly and it develops eartthdawn slowly till today. The only thing I can provide are back links to your site including a short description, the appreciation of other Earthdawn fans and the immortality of your post.





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