Share via Email Novel metaphors … Zoe Pilger. Eat My Heart Out, however, is determinedly less sugary. She strikes up conversation with a "freakishly tall" lank-haired operations manager called Vic. They arrange to meet the following day, but rather than show up for the date, Anne-Marie lurks out of sight until Vic decides to leave. Then she pounces, her "arms and legs around him, piggy-back style".

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Shelves: feminism , modern-british-fiction , ebooks-kindle , , decades [2. Eat My Heart Out has had a [2. Zoe Pilger is the daughter of serious political journalist John. This is perhaps my fourth attempt. Before that, I thought my first paragraph possibly the work of a po-faced pedant. But Horsley had a very fucked-up upbringing, no evident opportunities to make things better before he grew up, and several generations of highly troubled antecedents.

Early-twenties characters smear cake and later shit on walls of their accommodation; Horsley, at around the same age, once smeared shit on himself as some kind of philosophical experiment, but it sounded as though he at least did so in private and cleaned up afterwards. Ann-Marie herself is not well-off and has little idea of a career. Given that this is meant to be a book about the current generation of teenagers and early twentysomethings, Z.

There are a few instances of people taking pictures and making films to post online, but an eminently satirisable sense that characters might be living their entire lives or creating themselves with an invisible audience in mind is way too abstract or maybe even not there. There are pre-internet novels which do this better, e.

The book also, I think, loses out by taking place almost exclusively within its own hyped media goldfish bowl. I would have liked the book better had it shown some other people reacting negatively to the behaviour of Ann-Marie and her crowd. Allied to this is Z. I am not sure that the mainstream media as opposed to fanzines or blogs reports these people in a way that actually celebrates what they do.

The reason I have more antipathy to a certain strand of feminism is because it does actively celebrate this sort of thing in well-known women, who are presented as martyrs to a cause, and discusses it as an inevitable response to societal pressures rather than looking at individuals and a range of causes which apply to women and men, with a knowledge of relevant psychology.

Feminism often presents itself as addressing vulnerable young women on a serious basis it means to be socially responsible in a way that more trashy or detached publications never seek to but this kind of discussion can make some of them worse than they were before.

Actions deriving from being extremely miserable are held up by this martyrish feminism as being a female equivalent to the sometimes destructive hedonism or self-focus of creative men. I would approve of telling young women to go out and have fun or live on their own terms, potentially pissing off those who disapproved.

I think for Wurtzel at least, it was self-justification. However, Z. The less theory-focused allow more freedom and difference in taste. But at least plenty to talk about.


Eat My Heart Out – Interview with author Zoe Pilger



Eat My Heart Out


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