It was his fourth time in our country. In the course of our frequent meetings, we became very good friends. My close association with him allowed me access to much personal information and enabled me to gather enough material to write an intimate article about him that got incorporated into his book of selected games. It was he who made me realize that each chessplayer has his own place in the chess world. Not everyone can become a world champion and, therefore, should not even aspire to be one; but each one can play an important role for the popularization and further development of chess.

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To increase the effect, he could loudly shout: "Check! Eduard had forgotten and was talking about chess when the smoke alarm went off. Bill went into the back room and put out a small grease fire that had started, which now smoked up the room even more. The room was next door to Karpov. Eduard opened up the outside window to a balcony and almost fell over, which Bill was glad he did not. Bill was quoted, "Hate to be accused of pushing a Russian grandmaster over the balcony of a 10 story building.

He had just published a book about the Dragon Variation in which he pointed out the faults of Bh6 and now his "boss" is playing it! However, the director let the mate stand. At the end of the game, Gufeld yelled out his familiar battle cry whenever a director ruled against him: "This is not chess!

I have got to use that sometimes. First I have to become a GM! Mar wwall : Good stuff on Gufeld. I knew him for many years. When he lectured in English, he would always say "My English is better than your Russian. I told him all he did was play chess and tell funny stories. Mar SirChrislov : "In the opening, it is almost absurd for the king to be called king. He is like baby, crying, afraid and in need of shelter so you must put him in his crib to castle where he is happy and safe and can go to sleep.

Next, you deploy all your pieces and finally, you call your military captain and say "Sir, the troops are ready for battle. His use of English was inimitable; he was interviewed on Australian TV just before the third K-K match in , and one of the things he said was "We haff now unique position in chess history. I remember Korchnoi writing something to that effect about Gufeld in his autobiography. Certainly a few of the Russian GMs of that era Antoshin, for one have long been suspected of having at least watching briefs for the KGB.

At 64, he was the oldest grandmaster in the competition. He defeated Joel Benjamin in the final round with a queen trap, then danced around the table.


Eduard Gufeld



Edouard Goufeld



Eduard Y. Gufeld – the ultimate chess romantic




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