It is the Ekadashi after the New moon that marks the start of the Magha Masam. This masam itself is an auspicious month for prayers and penance. Magha masam marks the start of the Uttarayanam after Makar Sankranti. It is believed, Magha masam is the symbolic dawn of the year, all prayers offered in this masam will yield extra blessings. Hence, the Ekadashi that falls in this month of Magha is more special to Lord Vishnu and all prayers reach him directly.

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Therefore they are not observed every year. It is said that eve listening to their names give the results in accordance with their names. One could also cal Ekadashi as Ek Dasha Same State throughout the fasting and this state should be of total devotion and seeing everyone and everything as an extension of divine supreme consciousness of supreme God head Lord Vishnu. People should try and meditate , do self study of spiritual sciences and do devotional services , sing devotional songs and do great virtuous acts on this day.

Ekadashi fasting gives worldly desires like wealth, children, and fame as well. Lord Shiva once said to Narad in Padma Puran that Ekadashi gives great spiritual merits and even Rishis should observe this fasting. I kept Ekadashi fast for around 7 years and then had to do udyapan closing ritual. I had many great experiences while carrying our Ekadashi, mostly on feelings and in dhyana.

I will start it again full fledged in near future sometime for sure. My best take was the feeling of oneness with everything on Ekadashi day. It is said that it burns your bad karma and doing good deeds on this day gives you many-fold results.


Ekadashi Significance (Ekadashi Mahatmya)

There are two Ekadasis in each month, making twenty-four Ekadasis in a year. Apart from them there are two more Ekadasis that occur in the extra month that comes after every two and half years. The names of the twenty four Ekadasis every two and half years. The names of the two extra Ekadasis are Padmini and Parama. In that assembly, the glories of all the Ekadasis were properly sung. Those who are unable to observe Ekadasi can get the result of observing Ekadasi by hearing and singing their glories.


Complete Ekadashi Vrat Katha | Legends of Ekadashi Vrat




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