History[ edit ] Origins and the Eldar Empire[ edit ] Did you know Tyranid tastes best when cooked inside out with warp fire at 1, degrees Celsius? Even the Eldar themselves are unsure of the details. The only knowledge of their homeworld that the Eldar have is that they had one and that it had three moons. The Eldar mistook those beings for gods and started worshipping them. There is also the possibility that in order to escape death, certain Old Ones who had strong links to the ancient Eldar may have hijacked their Warp constructs, by merging together with them, leaving their mortal bodies behind and ascending to Godhood. These new "gods" started to play divine soap opera which often resulted in piles of space elf corpses until their boss, Asuryan , got tired of this shit, and banned all divine manifestations in real space, effectively locking all of the gods in the Warp.

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However, you must add 1 to all morale rolls when within 3" of a Slaanesh unit. A fluffy rule that helps more than hurts, but the only units likely to use this rule intentionally would likely be Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions and Wraithblades. Heavy Weapons are not allowed to use this. They also can never benefit from Craftworld attributes. All Asuryani Troop choices in a Battleforged army have this rule.

Core Craftworlds[ edit ] These are the classic, original Craftworlds that you may select for Your Dudes. While they are certainly less customizable that the build-a-craftworld attributes listed further below, these have the benefit of unique Stratagems, Relics and named Characters that are otherwise unavailable to you. More elaborated unit recommendations can be found in the Army Building section. Alaitoc [ edit ] A craftworld so strictly governed that many of its denizens would rather walk the path of the outcast than live such regimented lives.

As such, Alaitoc generates many more rangers, pathfinders and corsairs than any other major craftworld. Despite their reluctance to remain on Alaitoc, these outcasts still ultimately remain loyal to their people and offer their services as spies and marksmen when called. In practice, Alaitoc reflects this by encouraging you to play very defensively.

Conversely, this attribute is virtually useless for any of your units who rely on being in close range to do their jobs, such as Howling Banshees or Fire Dragons. Alaitoc Special Rules[ edit ] Attribute — Fieldcraft: Your opponent must subtract 1 from any hit rolls made by models from more than 12" away. Yes please! Unless you are going for a specific or fluffy Craftworld list, this will most likely be your default Craftworld Attribute.

Illic Nightspear must take this if chosen as your Warlord. Obviously, this does absolutely nothing for an Avatar of Khaine, who already has this. Can be very good on an Autarch, though, since it has the same range as his re-roll aura, and gives you a good excuse not to find a way to get Will of Asuryan onto your table. All attacks that target that unit in this phase will only hit on a 6, irrespective of modifiers.

In very select circumstances, this can actually buff enemy units attempting to shoot them as it guarantees a hit on a roll of a 6. In most cases, it can be a very useful tool for a squad camping objectives or deepstriking deep in enemy-held territory where Conceal support is unavailable or better used on something else. A great relic that stacks with your attribute to grant a -2 to-hit modifier to a regular Farseer, Warlock or Spiritseer at ranges over 12". Note that the Skyrunner variants of the Farseer, Warlock and Autarch cannot take this relic.

Where Illic starts to become dead weight is when most single model units have been dealt with; having only one shot a turn means that Illic will at most off one single model a turn two, if you get lucky and roll a 6 for the bonus mortal wound against 1 wound models. This makes him virtually useless for the rest of the game, as unlike many of your other options, Illic has no way outside being made your Warlord and using Puritanical Leader to ignore morale of supporting any of your units.

Despite this, theirs is a force still to be reckoned with. Biel-Tan is arguably the most "thematic" of your choices and the vanilla craftworld that Aspect Warrior enthusiasts benefit from most.

Leadership and Shuriken buffs provide considerable support for an infantry focused army and a degree of offensive flexibility other craftworlds may find somewhat lacking.

Many units have access to some sort of Shuriken weapon: Dire Avengers, Shining Spears, Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions, Guardians both types , everything on Jetbikes, almost every vehicle, and more.

If you love rolling many dice and want to drown your opponent in tons of saves, take Biel-Tan. Biel-Tan Dark Reaper Exarchs are specifically in a weird place where they get no improved accuracy with a Shuriken Cannon, as well. That unit re-rolls all misses for that phase.

It is slightly worse, however, due to the much shorter range and the fact it lasts only until the end of the active shooting phase. That said, a Farseer can potentially use it in tandem with Guide in order to support multiple units with reroll support. Autarchs are not ideal users of this trait due to their aura already offering re-roll support hit rolls of 1 instead of all, but it applies to everything within 6" instead of just one unit within 3".

That unit adds 2 to its charge rolls and will re-roll hit results of 1 in the subsequent Fight phase. If the unit in question is within 6" of the Avatar of Khaine when the stratagem is used i. While a touch pricey, this can stack wonderfully with the new Ghostwalk psychic power to add 4" to the charge, a perfect way to reliably charge a squad that just arrived on the table from reserves.

Howling Banshees deserve some small mention in particular, combine this stratagem with their Acrobatics ability and the Ghostwalk power and you can add up to 6" to their charge rolls, 7" if you have them screening an Avatar on the approach!

Strictly better than a power sword on your Autarch against multi-wound models, but worse than the Shard of Anaris against almost everything, or the Firesabre against single wound models. A pretty easy skip. Best used on a key Warlock or Spiritseer, who lack the Ghosthelm re-roll support and Perils of the Warp protection that your Farseers have. That said, Farseers can still make ok use of it, in the event that they fail their second cast of the turn and have already used their Ghosthelm re-roll.

Her stat-sheet is almost virtually identical to your standard Rangers. But is she worth it? If she were an HQ choice, definitely. Additionally, a regular squad of rangers runs only 10 points more and will easily plant more wounds on enemy units per turn than Amallyn could in every circumstance they have the same Ranger Long Rifle, after all.

Iyanden [ edit ] Once the most populous of the craftworlds, numerous costly invasions of Iyanden by the tyranids, orks and even Chaos have slain four out of every five eldar living within the worldship.

With such swollen ghost halls, the eldar of Iyanden have little choice but to rely on Wraith constructs to make up for their vastly diminished manpower.

If a unit has a damage chart, then double its current number of wounds for determining its characteristics. This lets you take large units, which is awesome for your Guardians, Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders, and Striking Scorpions, who all benefit considerably from taking a max strength unit.

On its own, it is comparatively bad for Wraithguard and Wraithblades, who already have high leadership and need to keep their unit sizes smaller to fit in transports. On the other hand, Wraithlords, Wraithseers and Wraithknights greatly benefit from the damage chart modifier, as do any of your vehicles and fliers Hemlock Wraithfighter exempted, ironically. Warlord Trait - Enduring Resolve: The Warlord may attempt to deny one psychic power in each psychic phase.

Prince Yriel must take this if chosen as your Warlord. D-Scythe Wraithguard and Hemlock Wraithfighters gain no benefit from this. Despite its limit of once per battle, the Psytronome can turn your Wraithblades into extraordinarily vicious melee units that can butcher virtually anything in the game through their sheer volume of attacks.

Given the one-time nature of this relic, you may as well splurge and use any and all stratagems and psychic powers that you can to make the most out of each of these swings. With this much support, a single 5-statue squad will stand a very real chance at killing an Imperial Knight in a single charge.

Special Unit[ edit ] HQ Prince Yriel: The cheapest Autarch variant you can take, Prince Yriel lacks the mobility options his generic cousins have access in exchange for one extra wound over his Infantry kin.

Unlike those witch blades, the Spear of Twilight also has a modest AP-2 to carve through some armor as well, making it a legitimate threat to most standard units in the game.

His only ranged option, The Eye of Wrath, is a 3" pistol that shoots d6 S6 AP-2 shots that can only be shot once per battle. If you do take him, make sure he has a reasonably fighty bodyguard unit or a transport to tuck him into when moving him across the field. Saim-Hann [ edit ] The Wild Rider clans of Saim-Hann are an honor-bound people who put the welfare of their clans second only to that of Saim-Hann itself. Bikers do not suffer a penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons.

If you want to use anything on a Jetbike, or plan on engaging in close combat even somewhat frequently, then this is the attribute for you. Autarch Skyrunners with the warlord trait Mark of the Incomparable Hunter deserve special mention, because they can move and shoot their Reaper Launchers at Characters without penalty.

Now only a legal option in casual games or tournaments that allow Legends units. Warlord Trait - Wild Rider Chieftain: Whenever your Warlord piles in or performs a Heroic Intervention, it can move 3" toward the nearest enemy Character rather than the nearest enemy model. In addition, if your warlord throws all of their attacks at one enemy Character, you add 1 to their attack characteristic until the end of that phase.

A Wraithseer can also pulp any character idiotic enough to get too close with 5 S9 AP-4 attacks doing D6 damage per stab. Can be mitigated by keeping it in melee and healing it when necessary. Everyone else should be staying out of melee combat though. It can re-roll hit rolls of 1 in the Fight phase of that turn. Fantastic supporting stratagem for Shining Spears or a Warlock Conclave. For your vehicles this is essentially a "free" Spirit Stones upgrade, which is a nice 10 free points per vehicle, although other Craftworlds can buy the Stones and apply their attribute meaning that Iyanden and Alaitoc have more durable Wave Serpents.

Warlocks like it too, since it gives them a n unreliable way to soak Perils wounds. Warlord Trait - Fate Reader: If your army is Battleforged, and your Warlord is on the battlefield, roll a d6 at the beginning of each turn; on a 6 you gain a command point.

Eldrad Ulthran must take this as his trait if chosen as your Warlord. A situational and somewhat useful trait. The big deal is the fact that you can move your Platforms and D-Cannon Support Weapons without taking a hit to accuracy. The modifier makes it easier to do 1d6 Mortal Wounds with Smite, so why not? His casting gets better after his first successful power goes off, adding 1 to all tests he makes for the rest of the phase due to his Spirt-Link ability.

Between that and his innate Ghosthelm re-roll, failing to cast most of his powers would require some rather bad luck. However, with a grand total of two melee attacks, you should not commit your single best caster to combat unless absolutely necessary. Have that Warlock Conclave give up their weakened Smite to teach them Focus Will and have them put it on Eldrad before he starts casting his own powers.

Children of Khaine: When an Aspect Warrior model with this attribute rolls an unmodified 6 to wound with a melee weapon, their damage is increased by 1. Use stratagems like Supreme Disdain to help fish for extra hits to help create opportunities for this to proc. An ok attribute that can help a player really on the backfoot in a match, but this does nothing for single-model units such as characters, monsters or vehicles.

Children of the Open Skies: Any unit with the Fly keyword adds 2 to whatever their advance roll is for the phase. A good on paper, less useful in practice kind of power. Many of your units that fly are already super mobile, but it does guarantee that if they do need to advance, the lowest they can roll is effectively 3". Children of Prophecy: Each single die roll of a 1 is counted as a 2 when making psychic tests. A fantastic ability for a psyker heavy army, this can potentially be the difference between a failed or passed psychic test for your lower WC powers.

It absolutely does work when you would otherwise Perils - since 1s count as 2s, you actually rolled double 2s, and not only did you not Perils, if the power was WC4, you case it successfully. Expert Crafters: Each unit can re-roll one hit and one wound roll whenever they make a ranged or melee attack. Even then, no one can turn away two free re-rolls per unit. Has a bigger impact the fewer shots the unit is making, as well as the weaker the shots, and the less accurate.


Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar Corsairs (7E)

Ebahn Lauma , Black Prince of Slinnar, Corsair Lord of the Balestorm Avengers Eldar Corsairs are those Eldar Outcasts who have deliberately chosen to make their living by raiding the commerce of the other star-faring intelligent races of the Milky Way Galaxy , particularly the shipping of the Imperium of Man. They are a constant threat to Imperial merchant shipping, though they lack the ability to face off against a true Imperial Navy battlefleet of any real size. Aware that it was the ineffable power of their own whims and desires that brought about the downfall of their species and led to the birth of Slaanesh, the survivors of the Fall of the Aeldari , the Asuryani of the Craftworlds , have developed a way to control their own inner natures. Every Eldar chooses for himself a discipline which he then makes it his task to master. It may take many standard years to successfully accomplish this, perhaps more than a single human lifetime. Each discipline is called a Path , and each Path may necessitate further choices and specialisations. For example, the Path of the Warrior has many Aspects, and whilst all enable the Eldar to master the skills of combat, each Warrior Aspect brings with it its own special techniques and abilities.


Eldar Corsairs

Oh, by the way: did I forget to mention every HQ can take it? Your baron that was gonna join the jetbikes to do nothing can now tank some damage. Also get rerolls of the failed invuln saves after deepstriking. Unfortunately taken from the Any Other Faction table. However, a Lynx can benefit from all three and the 12" fearless bubble on it meshes well with Corsairs hatred of regrouping. Same goes for the Vampire Raider.


Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

As the name implies, they are nomadic fleets of space pirates. They mostly consist of former Craftworld Eldar walking the path of the Outcast, although others are Dark Eldar who left Commorragh. They can be seen as a sort of half-way point between the two: hedonistic pirates, sure, but not absolute psychopathic sadists, and they use soulstones and psykers unlike the Commorrites. The Corsairs are said to be the closest faction to the original Eldar before the Fall. Free from the bondage of the Path, they can explore the full extent of sensation in the universe without restraint.


Eldar Outcasts

Talk 0 The Eldar space fleet is a force of highly advanced craft which are lighter and faster than the other ships of their kind but also a lot more delicate, partly relying on solar sails for propulsion and using their speed to avoid fire rather than heavy armour to absorb it. Eldar align fragile but powerful vessels, with an emphasis on prow weaponry and speed. Their holofields make them more resilient the faster they go, so be sure to keep moving at all times, and their "All Ahead Full" variant is a quick forward dash-like move that does NOT Identify them to the enemy forces, so use it quite liberally. They also have the highest forward speeds and turn rates of any faction. Make good use of the "Focusing Target" order not to be mistaken with the "Lock On! The holofields effectively work as a dodge mechanic; the stronger their charge from moving at high speed the more they reduce the accuracy of enemy weapons including a flat block chance against Lances.

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