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What you need to have: An Epson TM-U printer with an ethernet interface, a roll of paper and a printer ribbon. A 2 phillips star screw driver. A older, cheaper or gigabit newer ethernet switch and two ethernet cables.

Ideally, all three should be known to work. What you need to know How to change the IP address of the computer. The ethernet interface looks like this:. Note the circled button. In my case, the ethernet interface came packaged separately from the printer.

It is easily inserted and held in with two screws. Make sure you line up the black card plug with the black socket inside the printer.

Prior to proceeding, install the ethernet interface and then remove the screw that holds a little cover to the bottom of the printer. All other switches remain OFF. Sw is the one circled in RED. Put paper and an ink ribbon in the printer, Attach the power supply and turn it on while holding down the Page Feed button. Once the printing starts, you can let go of the page feed button. The contents of the printout are irrelevant to this activity.

Take a small screwdriver or ball point pen and for a slow count to three, press on the button in the little hole on the ethernet port plate also circled in red. The printer should print out the following diagnostic page showing current ethernet port settings.

Go back and repeat step C from the beginning. Re-install the cover with the single screw. Configure your computer to use the same IP Address as the printer, BUT changing the final digit of the address to something different.

In my case, I used I also changed the Subnetmask. Redo Step C. The diagnostic printout should now show the changes you made. Here is what mine looked like: 7. Disconnect the printer from the ethernet switch, install it in its final location, then call your TNT Helpdesk to have the printer activated in your system.

The TNT technician found it easier to perform his task as well. Good luck and thank you Mark and Steve! Share this:.


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