The config is simple and many can trs. The mic pre amp are quite transparent and seem sturdy. This group suffers a bit from transport and atmosphre the hall rpt I do not advise to the live, because pots and the other buttons seem fragile and easily fouling I use it to record in my home studio on PC: A sub-group for the cost, a sub-group to the inputs of the soundcard.

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The external power supply is ensured by a powerful transformer. The table is two rack Manir diffrent: - Either as is connections remain the rear - Or, After a few manipulations, with the connection panel on the front.

Nanmoins, Behringer has put together a comprehensive manual, clear and prcis and Submitted on numerous boards of Use. The table is Designed, sections are well organized and settings for rgler channels correctly. The potentiomtres however, are small and tight, so it ncessite a finger Note: a high-pass filter 75 Hz on each channel except the last 4 Stereo can simply remove the snoring of some device microphone, some synths. This table will keep its promises as a Home Studio on scne: its design makes it very reliable and robust.

In short - keeps all proportion - for anyone looking for a console scroll, complte, compact, quality and possde many inputs and outputs, the ceremonial MXA be the only comp TitrIC in this price range. I recommend it! The EQ Settings, and there are direct out. For the price, I do not see what could be better. This is the price to pay for a console rack.

The manual does not say everything. The future will tell me if, Behringer, they were economy using components that break APRS two years of use or not The mono inputs have a phantom power supply, an insert, direct out output, 6 to dpart 2 pr 4 post A semi-parametric equalizer, gain and key assignment UTILIZATION The manual is clear trs, hyper simple configuration, the wiring diagram perfect.

SOUNDS The console is a specially gnratrice of breath, the features are identical to the series VLZ Mackie etc from home, the only downside is lightweight and pramplis qualiseur inefficient, difficult sound to some instrument under these conditions. Did you find this review helpful? But she added me the breath of the battery in the cd of my group, that is audible at times, But she drives into the mediums of sound rock concerts, making voice cold and aggressive, after many uses in which it gives me perfs incomparable for the price, such as recording or live electro, and troubleshoots all kinds , troubleshoots the quality anyway

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