Jul 23, Christy rated it really liked it 4. After all the intense, emotional books Ive read lately, I needed a pick me up- a feel good read Tina is a store owner in NYC. After a heartbreaking few years in California, she wanted a fresh start.

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I absolutely adore this series! To anyone looking for a perfect contemporary romance This is how its done people! The perfect combination of romance, sex, humor, drama I just loved this one! Even better than the first! They had one hot romp at the club and have been trying to avoid each other since.

It makes it a little difficult for all their friends, but theyve been doing it for a while 5 funny and fantastic stars!!!!! Natalie moves to a new place. Somewhere a little nicer with better security. That is, until she is woken up over and over again by her noisy neighbor. Who has sex that much? She finds that her neighbor is none other than Ghost. Ghost is more than a little shocked to see a pissed off half asleep Natalie at his door in the middle of the night.

After some discussion, Nat and Asher decide they need to try to be friends. For all of their friends sakes and because they are neighbors, they may as well get along. They grow closer the more time they spend together. Asher starts to open up more to Nat. But all that sexual attraction is still there. No one has to know. These two have crazy chemistry, so they come up with a plan But then those feelings start to get in the way The closer they become as friends, the more they get to know each other, the more complicated things start to get Ghost has a traumatic past.

Thank god for Nik and his family, or who knows where he would be. I never knew what having a family was like until Nik befriended me. Asher is a sexy, mysterious, bad boy- or at least thats how he comes off. Every girl wants a bad boy who is only good to her. We all want to tame a wild beast. And Ghost is as wild as a man comes.

He has a tortured soul. He is a broken man. His feelings for Nat are really scary to him. He knows he has found something special, someone special and he never wants to lose it. This girl. Neither am I. Natalie is so different from how I thought she would be. Under her tough exterior is a really beautiful, sweet person.

She shows a whole new side of herself in this book. She lets Asher in to a side of her that no one else knew was there. These two really are a great match. They have to fight to make their relationship work, all along keeping it a secret from their friends. These two were perfect for one another. Entertaining, funny, emotional, sweet, steamy, just fantastic! Ghost was just to die for!


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