It is preceeded by Mister Monday and succeeded by Drowned Wednesday. Arthur has moved on to face against the next Day - Grim Tuesday. They were each given one of seven Keys , and the House split into seven Domains, each Day ruling one of these Domains - having absolute power in their Deminse. Unfortunately, though originally pure of heart, absolute power corrupted them, in different ways, absolutely. He rules over the Upper Reaches of the House which now consists predominantly of a pit for mining Nothing.

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Grim Tuesday is afflicted with the deadly sin of greed. Plot summary[ edit ] Arthur Penhaligon has returned home when the telephone that the first part of the Will now known as Dame Primus gave him starts ringing. Dame Primus informs him that in the six months of House Time that have passed since he left, Grim Tuesday, the second of the Morrow Days, has found a loophole in the agreement not to interfere with the other Trustees.

Dame Primus tells Arthur that there is a way to overcome this loophole if he returns to the House, but the phone is cut off before she can tell him its nature. He then meets Japeth, a former Thesaurus. His work gang is forced to walk to another location, but Arthur and Japeth fall behind.

A vehicle arrives suddenly, containing Suzy Turquoise Blue. They reach the tower by crossing the ceiling of the Far Reaches, to find that the tower is surrounded by a giant glass pyramid. The Mariner, when requested, provides them with transport to a worldlet inside a bottle, in which the second part of the Will is located.

They manage to retrieve the Will, which is in the form of a bear , and return to the treasure tower. Grim Tuesday arrives and chases them through a weirdway a type of distance-defying portal into another part of the glass pyramid. Its fall will then lead to the destruction of all of them. Tuesday, whose power over the Far Reaches and his namesake day has been revoked by the Will, demands the Key to solve this problem; the Will, however, declares a contest between Arthur and Tuesday of creating something original with the Second Key, of which the Mariner is judge.

The second key takes the form of two silver gauntlets, which can be used to form objects and creatures out of Nothing. Whoever wins the contest could claim the Second Key and the Far Reaches. Tuesday creates a beautiful tree of precious metals; Arthur, knowing he cannot compare in respect to physical beauty, creates a xylophone and plays a tune he composed. The Mariner, as judge, declares that while the tree is a great work, it was copied from a Secondary Realms sculptor; thus Arthur is the winner for having made something of his own.

A fight ensues, wherein Arthur stabs his opponent, revealing that this figure, unlike most Denizens, has golden rather than blue blood. Arthur manages to mend the wall, stopping the buttress from collapsing. Once he returns, he is appointed Lord of the Far Reaches; as with the Lower House, he appoints Dame Primus who now consists of parts 1 and 2 of the Will his Steward and returns home.

Dame Primus reverses the effects of the First Key on him before he left to slow the process of him becoming a Denizen , at his request, and so he is in very ill health when he returns, and is sent to the hospital. When he wakes up, he finds an invitation from Drowned Wednesday under his pillow.


Grim Tuesday by Garth Nix



Grim Tuesday






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