Rich instruction learnON includes theories, worked examples, videos, interactivities, discussions, activities, group work, investigations, practical tasks and more. What strategies should be implemented from the local to the global for their sustainable environment? Make a collage of how individuals could reduce water use? Oral feedback, drawing cross sections, interpreting climate graphs, writing a report p and analysing an extract Others…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. At the same time the wealthy live in palaces with gold taps and toilet seats. Improving Human Wellbeing Topic Label fully left, centre, right, foreground, middle distance, background, natural and cultural features Plan a holiday p Imagine you have a round the world ticket q3, p Collect digital images q4, p Draw the table p as a bar graph q6 p Refer to the climate graphs p Developing an environmental management plan Topic 7: Write a letter to the Environment Minister promoting sustainable use of polar lands.

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Mazugar For digital customers, use your resource both online and offline with downloadable PDFs and the iPad app. Research the Richter scale and draw a sketch on what damage would occur at different scales 1 to Imagine you are living in the year Why is it difficult to bend rocks?

What is climate change and its impacts on the environment, hydrosphere, cryosphere sdcond and biosphere? Research the growth in environmental refugees globally. Which action yeoactive you think achieves the best results?

Refer to satellite images and describe the changes to rainforests over time http: What place does not appear to have seasons? What is the purpose of latitude and longitude? What are the actions of the Australian government to sustainable development? Describe the geographical processes of wetlands. Globalised media now reports on a globalised world. Why is GDP per capita a poor measurement of wealth rdition poverty? Challenges to food production.

Describe the actions of governments in relation to its sustainable restoration http: How many species have been lost in the last years? Discover the Jacaranda Geoactive series Challenges to food production Topic Explain how individuals, community groups and government actions are geoachive to the current management of the environment.

What is nomadic herding? Managing Change in Coastal Environments. Rich instruction learnON includes theories, worked examples, videos, interactivities, discussions, activities, group work, investigations, practical tasks and more.

What is meant by ecotourism? The Jacaranda learnON Platform. What is a map? Each student researches one of these questions and presents findings as an oral report. Compare with your local weather report http: Write a video report.

Purchase via the Jacaranda Shop. Why are alpine ecosystems fragile and are at risk from human interaction? How much aid does Australia give? Human Wellbeing and development Topic 8: Separate different tags with a comma. It also reflects a belief that all students can improve and provides feedback that helps students understand the next steps in learning. What country has a water quantity problem? Science Earth Science Geography Geoactive 1 advertisement. Page 73 Suggested ICT The use of the Internet is a source of information for a global perspective on global geographical issues as well as used for research, virtual fieldwork, students with learning problems, extension activities, geographical tools, digital images, independent learning as well a providing a variety of perspectives.

What are the actions of individuals, groups and governments to preserve their rights? Geoactive 1 What are the potential impacts of climate change? Imagine you were homeless living in the local park. Interactivities support the application of the skill in an engaging way that enhances the learning experience.

Design a poster and place along classroom walls. TOP Related Posts.


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Collect the latest weather map and satellite imagery http: What is a threatened habitat? Jacaranda Geoactive How effective are these days in changing global relationships? What is the coldest, highest, windiest and driest continent on earth? What could we do about making aecond smaller ecological footprint? The iconic Jacaranda Atlas is available for the first time, as a hardcover atlas with a complimentary eBookPLUS so students and teachers get the best of both formats.


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