Page Video And Motion 4. The recognition engine performs license plate recognition by country. There are several resolution and frame rates available. Note that 10 fps is only available when the resolution is set to x x

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All rights reserved. Page 2 To increase the licence plate recognition accuracy, you need to install the LPR camera in the proper way to capture the qualified plate images. When you install the LPR camera, there are certain criteria to meet, including the plate size, the lighting condition and the angle of the camera. In this document, we provide the qualified image examples, and the unqualified image examples, which are generated when the LPR camera is set in an improper way.

Page 3 The unqualified image examples The plate is the hollow-letter type: Example Try to: Reduce the illumination. The image is unclear: Example Try to: Adjust the focus or the shutter speed of the camera.

Page 4 The image is overexposed: Example Try to: Reduce the illumination, or adjust the angle or the setup direction of the camera. The image is interfered by the headlight: Example Try to: Use the professional LPR camera to avoid the headlight interference. Page 5 The plate size is too small: Example Try to: Zoom in the camera or reduce the distance between the camera and the vehicle. You should capture and fill the image with a full width of vehicle.

The plate size is too big: Example Try to: Zoom out the camera or enlarge the distance between the camera and Page 6 The image contrast is low: Example Try to: Improve the lighting condition.

Page 7 The plate is in shadow: Example Try to: Avoid placing the camera where it can be subjected to direct sunlight or reflections. Visible shadow edges in the camera view may degrade the recognition accuracy. Ensure to install the camera to meet the following conditions. In this way, the height of the captured plate characters would approximately fall between 30 and 35 pixels.

To avoid capturing unnecessary contents in the image, the camera should be installed in a higher position to capture the front part of the vehicle only. It is normally used on freeway recognition where the vehicle speed is high. Page 11 www. Page 12 9F, No.


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License Plate Capture Camera


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