Archived from the original on 25 September Please enter full name. Forklift — Wikipedia Archived from the original on 22 December Once re-rated the forklift should have a new factory authorized specification plate, to replace the original plate, installed showing the new rating for the lift. These electric stackers are fabricated to a maximum lift capacity of kg and a lift height of mm for MS and mm for M The ACOP deals specifically with a forklift operator using only the standard forks. Since every pallet requires the truck to enter the storage structure, damage is more common than with other types of storage. This article contains instructions, advice, or how-to content.

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Lead Acid The Godrej Electric Counterbalanced Stacker: The Godrej Electric Counterbalanced Stacker with AC drive offers all the versatility of a counterbalanced rider forklift and the economy and small aisle capability of a pedestrian stacker.

You can think of it as a walk-behind counterbalanced forklift truck with a wide scope of application in your factory or warehouse: Handling all the tasks that can be managed by smaller equipment but would otherwise tie up your more expensive forklifts operating in racking systems or close to machinery that does not permit the use of straddle type slackers working with various types of closed as well as open pallets The AC drive control offers a powerful, safe, power saving package that is virtually maintenance free.

The GCS with its full-function control handle does not require the high skill required to operate sit down rider forklifts and can thus be learned and proficiently used by almost anybody.

Like all Godrej lift trucks, safety is paramount and the GCS incorporates numerous electrical and hydraulic safeties to keep your people, goods, and property safe. Read on to find out how powerful, versatile and profitable Godrej Electric Counterbalanced Stacker really is.

The electromagnetic brake acts as a parking brake whenever the stacker is left with the control arm in a vertical position. This prevents the stacker from running away even if parked on a slope. The fail-safe brake engages immediately and brings the equipment to a halt in case of any loss of electrical power. Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system is a self-contained power pack fully equipped with Heavy-duty, high-speed 3kW DC motor and pump assembled as an integral unit.

Immersion of the pump in the oil tank boosts system efficiency by eliminating suction side flow losses in hoses and pipe bends. Spool-type hydraulic control valve with the built-in check and relief valves for efficient overload protection of lift and tilt cylinders. Pressure compensating flow control valve in the hydraulic circuit regulates lowering speed for safe operation - heavier the load, slower the lowering speed. Tilt lock valve Hose burst valve located in the mast immediately arrests dropping forks in the event of hose failure ensuring the safety of the load, the machine, and the operator Request.


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