Page 3 5 Configuration Guide This document is subject to changes without notice. There are two wall mount holes on the bottom of the GXP main body: Wall Mount hole Bottom Wall Mount hole User can simply place the device against the wall with two holes placed to the fixed hanger position on the wall. Page 7: Gxp Extension Board After wall mounting the main body of GXP, user will need to pull out the tab extension downward from handset cradle on the top of the handset rest, and rotate the tab and plug it into the slot with the extension up for handset holding. Page 8 The GXP will boot up first, and all LED indicators on GXP will be solid on for a while; the status light at the top right corner of the extension board will blink in red; and then all of the LED indicators on the extension board will flash three times; and then the status light at the top right corner of the extension board will turn to solid green.

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Call Waiting tone stutter tone audible when line is in use. Grandstream Networks, Inc. Th LED will flash indicating the incoming call. Press the button to pick up the call. If any one of the 7 Grandstream Networks, Inc.

Press Menu button to choose the menu item. Display the clock instead of Date. Page 19 Iindicates whether accounts are registered to the related SIP server s. Default value is Default setting is blank. Page 21 HTTP upgrade and configuration check once at boot up. Define XML server path and download speed.

It is , , for Account 2, Account 3 and Account 4 respectively. Page 24 Callee or proxy server as the refresher. Page 25 Jitter Buffer Delay is pre-configured and can not be changed. Special Feature Default is Standard. Choose the selection to meet special requirements from Soft Switch vendors. Page Configuration 60 minutes to have the devices periodically check for upgrades at pre- scheduled time intervals.

By defining different intervals in P for different devices, a Server Provider can manage and reduce the Firmware or Provisioning Server load at any given time. Page Restore Factory Default Setting 3. If the MAC address is corre ct, the phone will reboot. Otherwise, it will exit to previous keypad menu interface. The standard tone-pairs used on telephone terminals for dialing using in-band signaling. Page 31 VR IVR is a software application that accepts a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and provides appropriate responses in the form of voice, fax, callback, e-mail and perhaps other media.

VoIP encompasses many protocols. All the protocols do some form of signaling of call capabilities and transport of voice data from one point to another.


Grandstream Networks GXP-2000 User Manual

Built on innovative technology, Grandstream IP Phone features market leading superb sound quality and rich functionalities at mass-affordable price. Here is the display when all segments illuminate: The LCD is equipped with a backlight. When the phone is configured properly and in the normal idle state, the backlight is off. User can switch the dialing account before dialing any digits by pressing the same LINE button one or more times. Enter the phone numbers and press the SEND key. When any one of the 7 functions keys are associated with a call, they function as LINE keys;


Grandstream Networks GXP – 2000 User Manual

The GXP has a call log with only last 20 records stored and will be reset once the phone reboots. Just off hook and press the left and right arrow key you should see that. There is no intuitive dialing yet but we hope to implement address book function in the new firmware release. The injector voltage must above 48VDC. When you use PoE power you must take away 5V power adaptor.

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