With a vast number of books and series behind her, the legacy she has created has grown exponentially. Gaining both commercial and critical success, she shows no signs of stopping any time soon as well, as her stories grow from strength-to-strength. Early and Personal Life Growing up with an interest in the fantastical, author Melissa Marr had an American upbringing after being born on the 25th of July, Interested in fairys and ghosts from an early age, she was fascinated in the ethereal and the paranormal. This fascination is what led her to later become a writer within the young adult field focusing on such themes.

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All the elements are there; paranormal phenomenon, secrets, Have you ever attended a seminar or lecture given by someone you find wholly intriguing only to have the entire thing be a complete and total wash? All the elements are there; paranormal phenomenon, secrets, alternate realities, romance Between wondering when things were finally going to pick up and hoping against hope that the main protagonist, Rebekkah, would stop being such a whiny, spineless douche, I found myself yawning and rolling my eyes more than is acceptable for paranormal romance.

Maybe numbers would help. There are far too many instances of repeated information. Specifically of the internal monologue variety. And on and on and on. Marr, we heard you the first three hundred times, Rebekkah has guilt issues about Byron. Move on, please. Life is an emotional rollercoaster. Paranormal life is an emotional rollercoaster on steroids. Yet there are no ups and down in this book. No blue-tinged lows or red-tinged, whirlwind highs. Just a steady stream of monotonous gray.

If you were to read this book aloud, do so in the voice of an automaton. Suspenseful cliffhangers? No sex. I was under the impression that this was an adult paranormal romance. Indeed, the main characters are in their early-to-mid-twenties. With as boring as the rest of it was, Ms. Marr could have at least broken up some of the doldrums with some steamy hip action. I deserved at least that much for putting up with the mind-numbing story. The characters are stupid.

The two predecessors, Maylene and William, keep things from Rebekkah and Byron up until the very last minute, then try and give them a fricking crash course in tending to the dead. Excuse me, what? This is kind of important. The "Big Bad" is ridiculous. Cruella Deville would have been more believable.


Guns for the Dead



Melissa Marr


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