Tojasar But here is the glade. That was not my case grebennikov my world, while standing about a meter off the cliff edge above their nests. I have eleven such preserves at the moment, grebennikov my world in Omsk region, one in Voronezh region and one near Novosibirsk. A hole grebennikoc mm on the outside, widening in a cone to he inside, with exit eorld of mm.

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Gomez An anti-gravity platform of V. His ideas are interesting enough for an inquisitive reader to analyze them. When the thumbtack was forcefully fixed to the chitin block from the top, it was lifted and, for a moment, completely disappeared!

Together with Professor V. Zolotarev, he sent a patent application. The aircraft was inertialess and almost invisible from below. People, who observed it from ground, saw, instead of it, a light sphere or a disc or a cloud with sharply outlined edges. It is unnecessary to say that this was discovered Fig. Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov not yesterday but in ies. Nobody wanted to talk to him. As usually, this discovery was made by chance.

A wing and a wing case of Cetonia. Among five species of bronze poplar from tweezers and… hung in the air. The cells were located side by side and looked like small thimbles or, more likely, small jugs with smoothly narrowing beaks. There was a wide vessel filled with these spongy clay lumps on my working table, which was jammed with instruments, ant and grasshopper houses, vials with chemical agents and other things. I had to take something and I brought my hand above these spongy fragments.

And a miracle happened: I suddenly felt heat above them… I touched the lumps by the hand — they were cold. But I obviously felt heat above them. April , Grebennikov died of a stroke. This radiation cannot be screened. I should immediately study this nests. But the instruments did not react Fig. But how did V. Grebennikov came to the idea I suspected that this can be a wave beacon of his aircraft?

I was interested in an number of them or even single individuals. This was an I put a small concave chitin lamella on a extremely ordered composition, which looked microscope table in order to watch its strange as if it had been pressed by some complicated cells using strong magnification once more.

In my opinion, this jeweler and, without any purpose, put another incomparable cellular structure was lamella with these unusual cells located on one necessary neither for strength nor for of its sides on the first lamella by tweezers.

But the part was pulled out the tweezers, hung in the air for some seconds under the lamella, which lay on the microscope table, rotated clockwise, moved — in the air! A reader can only imagine what I felt that moment… After coming to consciousness, I tied some lamellae by a piece of wire.

It was difficult and possible only if I took them vertically. I put it on a table. Even such a comparatively heavy thing as a thumbtack could not lie on it: something pulled it up and then aside. I was excited again and, due to agitation, everything around me was like in mist; but I could calm down and, in two hours, could Fig.

The picture was made by an electronic microscope. Usual hexagon honeycombs can be observed. Here are more photographs of honeycombs: Fig. At least, this is something very close. Just like on the photographs. It is invisible, need no his platform in a museum in Siberian Research traditional engine as we imagine it, and has no Institute of Agriculture and Agricultural wings or a propeller.

There must be of the environmental air to the aircraft, or a lot of them. It also has a very simple design: a post with two handles A real device was made in one copy and placed on an opened platform.

However, in the mentioned above museum, a A detective story model of the device made by Grebennikov remained. Actually, only the post remained. The photographs of Grebennikov apparently, they tried to untwist them! In this case, images. In the same article, it is written that however, plaster copies were made using the the aircraft principles, heights and outfit will real board.

Grebennikov was going platform, i. It could to completely describe his invention. But proofreaders and an mirrored a real scheme of kinematic blind editor and, possibly, the according authorities control.

If we could look at the control scheme, explained Grebennikov that it is forbidden to it would be possible to remove many versions publish such information. A range of questions would narrow… So, Grebennikov had to remove fragments of the text and patch it up. This is why a lot of The device hints and keys remained in the book.

In order to completely remove information on the A fine analysis of a possible design of platform, he had to rewrite the whole book! In order to turn the located. On the button. The most interesting thing 8 and white 7. A rotary effort is slowdown. The biggest screw Left rotary handle 2 controls blinds on the handle bar 13 located under the separation with increase of an active surface — altitude meter in the center is a bonding of this a vertical traction.

The right one 6 controls cable. The lower elbow cannot rotate because a device of the lower side rotary arm is By the way, the handle bar could rotate. Near a stuck to it. Grebennikov tied himself to it with a belt.

A free end of the body is cut The second elbow is not interesting because it with an angle of about 40 degrees and closed by is a standard pipe. It is immovable elbow. Instead, it holds a special Actually, this is a hollow pipe, where either a bushing, which helps the handle bar to turn. When the handle is turned against a pilot, elbow.

It is not a light emitting diode but a it is impossible to fly. If it is turned to a pilot, it button because Grebennikov painted it the is possible to fly. Who would paint light emitting diodes which do not light bright? It looks like a small cylinder perhaps. And we will not know how the wing with a horizontal metal rod, which is used for 64 New Energy Technologies 3 22 its rotation.

It adjusts accuracy of the or something like this. Why is it painted? Most likely, the handle is a standard illumination. A small headlight is without a pilot. It turns the Now let us discuss a small box in the bottom of headlight on.

It is the post. Four wing nuts 19, 24 located on connected through a resistor to a small the upper surface of the box fix the post to the accumulator hidden in the same box at the platform.

Then, continuous operation at least, it will be efforts are distributed to several cables, to each enough for a rather long time. Its function is quick landing and is useless during flight due to two slowdown and also standard slowdown. First, there is nothing to light in the sky. Besides, it is difficult to plastic and lit from inside by a light emitting ACCIDENTALLY step on and break the diode or made of an opaque material and toggle glowing in the dark because it is placed painted by a fluorescent paint with phosphorus not very well.

The design of the back blinds-fans can be seen. But this is a wave. If we make a cavity, its walls will begin oil. Possibly, angles. There are four fans. It can be seen in plane without gaps and fractally is a hexagon. Even a picture by Grebennikov Second, the less the size of each cell, the more showing its device from below exists! The more cells and, Two bolt heads can also be seen on the accordingly, the more surfaces, the stronger the photographs, approximately in the center of effect of cavitary structures.

Let us remark each platform halves. In order to make material. On the one hand, the metal does not prevent nets from operating because the effect So, we have a very fine net. The mentioned static field does weight. Do you see that it is difficult for not produce yield and confirms the law of Grebennikov to hold even a lightened version energy conservation.

Antigravity effect created due to the effect of Then we use lepton theory of Isakov remember cavitary structures is produced by the cells but that lepton, aether, and orgone are the same. Controlling a power of an aether have. We make a simple and logical conclusion stream and its directions the blinds are used that one side of the cell must be geometrically for this , we have the same rough material less than another.

If an initial cell is idea of force vector as in the case of jet cylindrical, we have a cone: if it is triangular streams.


MI MUNDO - Pt. 1 (Por Victor Grebennikov)

Make that four with the Hubert Wagner Memorial in Poland. And Grebennikov believes he can be even more successful in But I was lucky because I played in good teams, which advanced to the final rounds. France won silver at the inaugural edition of the VNL. And at club level, Grebennikov and Cucine Lube Civitanova finished runners-up in the five competitions they played during the season.



Sharr It was developed by to search for investors. Hells Bells — Part 2 of According to his ideas, aether Constable discovery of resonance aetheric seems to permeate ggrebennikov things in different density. Possibly, Grebennikov used not cone cells but symmetric ones in his design. We would appreciate offers from How to build the vacuum device. This is why I am convinced that there are wworld people with supersensory abilities, or rather that all the people have them It was difficult and possible only if I took them vertically. I leave Isilkul with its huge grain elevator on my right and gradually begin to descend over the highway, making sure that I am invisible to drivers, passengers, and people working in the field.



Akinokinos Geometrical energy fields around the workd device are shown on Fig. The photographs of Grebennikov apparently, they tried to untwist them! Magnetic fields and energies July 18, As is known, human weight significantly drops in the state of somnambulistic automatism sleepwalking. Due to the fact that de Broglie waves moves in physical vacuum, the effect of cavitary structures must permeate everything. Grebennikov is also widely known in the so-called scientific underground i.

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