On one hand, I want to give this one 4 stars. On the other, 3. I figure I can decide what the rating is once I finish my review. Max is the Prime. She is the leader of the Shadowblades and Sunspears of the Horngate Coven.

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Beck Wyatt has always hated her mother—enough to kill her. But first, Beck has a few minor problems to deal with. First on the list? Avoid getting kidnapped. With the help of her three best friends, cheesecake, and a little magic, Beck figures she can handle anything, even the mysterious and irritating Damon Matroviani, whose sexy good-looks light her panties on fire.

This book is a real game changer. Riley must make some hard decisions and will need a little help from both her family and friends. Things in Diamond City are about to change in a big way and Riley will be in the middle of it all. Relationships will be tested, lives will be put on the line, and a new threat will enter into the fray making for a highly intense, compelling, and gripping read.

I love this dynamic duo and the world Ms. Francis has created. The chemistry between Price and Riley is off the charts, and I love the way they banter back and forth. Price gives as good as he gets from Riley which keeps her on her toes. Be forewarned, however, that this one ends abruptly in a huge cliffhanger.

I highly recommend this series. This series is destined for my keeper shelf. Faith Hunter created the Rogue Mage world and invited several of us to come play in it by writing stories for two anthologies. Trials releases on November Ashes and Dust follows the story of Mistral, caught between two worlds and fighting to be free of both. His only hope for survival is to take risks that will more than likely kill him.

But better dead than a slave—or is it? Great news! They are again available and they are really good. This is a series that I will be haunting the authors blog looking for word of when the next book is coming out.

I need more from them!


Bitter Night

Keine der Unterhaltungen bringt euch jedoch wichtige Informationen oder Erfahrungspunkte. Das kostet euch eine Menge Zeit aber sonst nichts. Die Karte kostet Kronen, aber ihr spart eine Menge Zeit. Im Norden erwartet euch effektiv Folan. Der Weg ist quasi optional. Unmittelbar hinter dem Fluss steckt ein Pfeil im Boden.


Diana Pharaoh Francis

There have not been many books that I have read that have left me with a look of pure, stupefied awe on my face over its sheer awesomeness. But this is definitely one of them. So what was so good about it? Well, first of all let me let you into my What an outstanding start to a series. Someone I can cheer on and really root for and go "Yeah!


Horngate Witches Series

Edit "While rancors dined on others, the daughters of Allya prospered from generation to generation, teaching their own daughters the spells. We divided into clans, and for a long time the clans vied for men in friendly competition, stealing mates. We governed ourselves, punished anyone caught using the night spells. My grandmothers hunted the last of them.


Blood Winter

Shelves: favourites , received-for-review Five action-packed stars! The Horngate Witches series is set in a post magical apocalyptic America and features badass sword-wielding, not quite human, warriors, mildly sociopathic witches, not very angelic angels, and all manner of other weird mythological creatures and beasties. With a splash of romance enough to make me grin like a weirdo, worldbuilding that knocks my socks off, and action by the bucket load, you can see why this series is right up their with my other Urban Fantasy Five action-packed stars! With a splash of romance enough to make me grin like a weirdo, worldbuilding that knocks my socks off, and action by the bucket load, you can see why this series is right up their with my other Urban Fantasy favourites like Kate Daniels, The Hollows, Mercedes Thompson and all those other great female-led UF series. You will not be sorry.

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