It may also include operations against non-state organizations operating in country B, with or without country B support. It may also involve offensive counterintelligence against country D assets operating in country B. The basic structure here can be pertinent to a domestic service operating against a non-national group within its borders. Depending on the legal structure of the country, there may be significant, or very few, restrictions on domestic HUMINT. The most basic question will be whether criminal prosecution, or stopping operations, is the goal. Typically, criminal prosecution will be the primary goal against drug and slavery groups, with breaking up their operations the secondary goal.

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Recent work includes a four month intensive course on all aspects of source handling for a Foreign law enforcement agency, advanced case officer courses for European services and one-to-one specialist training.

They can build teams, train them and provide the best communications systems for surveillance teams. We also train intelligence officers in how to identify surveillance when on operations using anti and counter surveillance methods.

Analysis Pegasus designs and delivers a wide range of courses on running sources and informants. We work closely with a British company which leads the world in the analysis of overt data.

Interpersonal Skills Working closely with leading psychologists in the field of organisational and personal behaviour, we have developed courses to help people improve their interpersonal skills in rapport building, elicitation, team development and influencing.

Interviewing Skills Collecting information from other people is a core skill. Using techniques developed in the police and intelligence services, we can significantly increase the amount of accurate information collected either by training others or conducting the investigation ourselves.

Detecting Deceit In interviews people omit important information, deceive and sometimes forget. Our staff work closely with psychologists who are experts in the field of detecting deceit. We can bring these skills to our clients through training and as an advisory service. These skills can be used to detect deceit but also to help officers reduce the risk of being caught out on operations. We have recently acquired a polygraph to assist in this training.

The Insider Threat Pegasus provides training for managers to identify and mitigate the threats from employees who betray their organisation by passing on secrets, theft and corruption. The course describes the problem and provides solutions to tackle the threat. Technical Advice Pegasus provides advice, operational support and training on a wide range of technical issues of interest to security and intelligence services. This is delivered by close associates who have a wide range of experience in the British security and intelligence services.

Covert Entry We can provide training for approved governments on how to defeat physical and electronic security systems. We are designing state of the art equipment to defeat infra-red alarms. Photography Every intelligence officer needs the skills to use cameras and to master the associated software.

Modern cameras can be disguised in almost any concealing device and are now very small. This does have an impact on the resolution of the image. We train people on the principles of light and photography so they can make the most of the image.

Technical Forensics Terrorists, insurgents and criminals frequently use computers to hold information and to communicate. We have experts in copying all forms of media and computer forensics. This service includes a legal hacking team used by British government agencies who can test the resilience of existing systems Agent Communications Pegasus can provide advice on clandestine communication systems for agents — both technical and classic methods of communication car drop, brush contacts etc.

Conclusion Pegasus has the experience and resources to help security and intelligence services all over the world to develop the skills needed to face the threats of the 21st century. We listen to our clients and shape all our services and training to their needs and cultural values. All the training courses listed above are customisable and tailored to the client. Other training courses are also available on request.


Clandestine HUMINT operational techniques




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