Monday, 16 September The Explanations of Under Development Chapter 3 of "Promises not kept" by John Isbister opens up by explaining to us that most of the people living in countries that are located in Asia, South America, and Africa are in poverty. Every day these people who live in the developing or "Third world" countries are plagued by disease, danger and uncertainty. This chapter asks us the question of why social change in the third world has come to a halt and how come there is massive and swelling poverty that continues to plague almost all of the developing countries. Isbister, Social scientists have developed different approaches to help understand why there is poverty in the third world and also to help seek out the answers to why poverty keeps on persisting.

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Promises not kept : poverty and the betrayal of Third World development



Promises Not Kept: Poverty and the Betrayal of Third World Development



Promises not kept


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