Auel published in March Plot[ edit ] In this three-part book, Ayla is 20 in part 1 , about 23 in part 2 and 26 in part 3 and is training to become a spiritual leader for the Zelandonii. The third part of the book contains most of the action of the story and plot line. In the first part, Ayla is at a Summer Meeting and she begins to learn what an acolyte does. Jondalar, Jonayla, their animals and many others decide to travel. The second part is mainly about the caves they visit.

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Ayla goes to many caves. Ayla unveils the Big Secret that readers have known about since Book 1. The End. Ye Have Been Warned. If I thought the last book was fan fiction, I have no idea what to call this piece of sh! Boring, disappointing, stupid, mindless waste of time and paper, and underwhelming all come to mind. But no words can describe how absolutely horrible this Excuse me, I have some paint I need to watch dry Ayla trains to be a Zelandani.

But no words can describe how absolutely horrible this book is. Characters act largely out of character or like idiots. Two-thirds of the book has no plot, and the last third has a plot that was regurgitated from an earlier book. The writing is horrible. The dialogue is terrible. Whole conversations are dedicated to one character telling another about events the other character should already be aware of. The pacing is all over the place. More time is spent on detailing every cave Ayla visits, but important events are sloppily skimmed over.

Large chunks of the book are stories from the previous five books or reiterations of events that occurred earlier in the story. There is no cohesion in the book; it is separated into three parts that have very little to bind them into one work. The sex, though greatly reduced only two explicit sex scenes and two instances of being interrupted while having sex , are still hilariously over the top and monotonous. The conclusion is mournful and an insult to fans. About the only laudable quality is the research.

It is obvious that Auel has put a lot of effort into the research, which is commendable. But regurgitating research pell-mell into a novel without good characters, a plot, and decent writing does NOT make a story. It is inexcusable how horrible this book is. Auel has had many years to plan her ending to this once great series.

In the five previous books, she introduced many interesting plotlines, which she could have explored. What happened to Durc.

Real marital strife—maybe Ayla wanting to be with Brukeval or Ranec or one of the many men who drools over her, or Jondalar struggling with wanting to perform First Rites and maybe wanting to be with Joplaya. Ayla is basically unrecognizable. She could also pick up sounds above the range of normal hearing and feel the deep tones of those that were below.

She was born with heightened acuity in all her senses. In every other book, Ayla had plausible reasons for her abilities. She had greater strength to be able to keep up with the Clan. Ayla remains the Mary Sue she has been since the beginning. The woman can do pretty much anything and everyone will applaud her.

If I were a man, I would be too. Probably the most amusing part is when Ayla suddenly becomes a vengeful person. While I appreciate having Ayla actually behave like a normal human being for once, where the hell did this come from?

Why the frak did she choose Laramar of all people? Why not Brukaval or Danug or Echozar? Jondalar, besides being said jealous pr! He has his own out-of-character moments. He shows little signs of being upset with the decreasing amount of time that Ayla is spending with him, but suddenly, Marona is sucking on his massive dong.

Where did this come from? Why Marona? You dirty, filthy, scumbag, you are just guilty because Ayla found out, not because you did something wrong, betrayed her trust, and acted like a two-faced d-bag, just like how you behaved 6 years ago in The Mammoth Hunters.

Has no one heard of control? What about self-Pleasure? Why the frak are they even so exclusive to begin with? This is supposedly a polyamorous society! There is no reason that either of them should have their cave panties in such a knot. But what about Jonayla, the child that Ayla wanted so past the last five books? I would hardly have noticed she was even here; every time she could, Ayla dumped Jonayla on someone else so Ayla could do something more interesting.

Jonayla is probably the only baby only a few months old that can wait to urinate until her mother removes her from her carrying basket.

I hate to keep saying it, because I sound like a broken record, but every other character is a cardboard cutout. No one has any personality, no identifying attribute to make them stand out of the rest of this crowd. All the good guys love Ayla and Jondalar. There really is no plot to this book. The first two parts are so boring, I thought I would poke my eye out with a blunt instrument, just to have something exciting to do.

In fact, the first two parts are so insignificant to the last part, you could just skip them and move directly to part three. Welcome to marriage, Jondalar. Part Two is suddenly set four years later for no good reason.

Ayla heads off to look at the caves, dragging along Jondalar and Ayla, again for no good reason. But wait, do they have interesting conclusions to why the artists drew on the walls? Just when things might get interesting, Auel hastily wraps up the journey in two paragraphs and stumbles into Part Three. Which they do until Ayla nearly dies from that root drug from Cave Bear, blah, blah, blah Oh, yeah, before that happens, Ayla takes that damn drug yes, she takes the drug TWICE in this book , wanders into a cave, and starts hallucinating.

What is that Big Reveal, you ask? Do they NOT watch other animals? Of all the things that Auel could have chosen, the fact that sex makes babies is what she picked?

THAT is what she wants to end her series on??? The repetition in this book! All of the books are bad, but this one is painfully repetitious!

The writing! What is this supposed to MEAN? The research! Actually, the entire Part Two feels like a non-fiction wrok. Earlier this year, I got the chance to read an extraordinary novel. The setting was rich and detailed. The characters were warm and inviting. The story was gripping and made me want to read more. I tore through it quickly, and when I got to the end, I immediately felt bereft. What amazing, unputdownable book am I talking about? That was none other than Clan of the Cave Bear.

I truly fell in love with that book, with Creb, Iza, and Ayla, with a wide, wonderful new world set in the prehistoric age. I had heard so many things about the books particularly the latter ones , but I had such hope for the series. I was really eager to learn about what happened to Ayla.

Would she ever see her son again? Would she ever find her family? How could she survive by herself? Would Ayla ever find love, family, belonging or would she constantly wander alone? Well, this book answered absolutely NONE of my questions. It took the characters I loved and twisted them beyond recognition. It is an execrable excuse for a novel. And that means there are no more books. There is no hope of learning what happens to Durc, to Uba, to the Clan.


The Land of Painted Caves






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