This act has been updated, modified and enhanced for contemporary performers and it WILL make you a solid reputation! This includes the show and outline I performed professionally for over 6 years. Your purchase includes full and uninhibited performance rights to my signature act. Now YOU can have a tried and true, professional hypnosis show that will devastate audiences everywhere. With this show I took an empty theatre and starting audience of 30 people and within 6 weeks was selling out the venue. We had to be placed in a larger theatre to accommodate all the people attending, and they came week after week after week.

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Posted: May 28, pm 0 Thank you, gentlemen! Your support is appreciated so very much. It allows what we do with others to have a much greater impact and for the effects we do to MATTER and have lasting positive results. It can transform a simple card trick or NW effect into a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.

In my experience, a thorough understanding of hypnosis makes ALL of our mentalism much, much better! From the expert use of suggestion to building rapport or deepening emotional states and increasing the impact of our work through simple breathing and visualization processes, HYPNOSIS is the missing key to 21st Century Mentalism.

This is a show you carry with you. Often I see hypnotists who will pull up 20 or more audience members and end up keeping 8 or 12 of them. The others are sent back to their seats unable to enter a trance or respond well to hypnotic suggestions.

Very rarely do I send a person back to their seat - they came up for a reason and for that, I insure they are a valued part of my show! Also, in areas where hypnosis is banned by the local law and government this material can easily take its place. This could be the ONLY thing you do and you could make a killer living with it. This is ALL explained in depth in the book. Nothing has been left out. It happens as a suggestibility test and experiment with mass hallucinations and group mind dynamics.

Before the conclusion the effect has developed and ruptured into a full blown showpiece. Working without a stage set or proper decoration? Not anymore! How about hovering over the Grand Canyon or performing in the Sistine Chapel? People will actually see, hear and feel various illusions while you interpret them like a dream and interact with their imaginations directly during your show the perfect opening tool for a hypnosis act!

This includes the techniques, full scripts, suggestions, audience exercises to produce the effects and everything you need to know to perform this piece as I do. They are perfect blends of mind reading with hypnosis.

Any one of the three pieces can and will create a nice little reputation for you and set you apart from the rest. My 3 pet techniques basically allow one to create dazzling hypnotic and suggestion-based effects in the minds and hearts of anyone, anywhere. These can be used for all types of routines, effects and demonstrations as alternate methods. With these three tools and techniques alone a seemingly countless number of other effects and routines are possible.

I hope this answers a few of the questions posed and thank again to everyone who has ordered in advance. Best, "Join my update list here!


Jerome Finley - Thought Veil (Full version) 1321page PDF



Thought Veil by Jerome Finley Full Version 1321 page




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